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Alan Wong's Restaurant

1857 S King St # 208, Honolulu, HI 96826
Polynesian, Asian, American
Closed Now
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
(808) 949-2526DirectionsMap
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Added on 05/02/2014



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  • Top of the food chain!
    by  on 12/28/2010

    My husbands favorite! Yes it's pricey; but it's fine expect to go here when your pulling out all the stops. I would recommend the 7-course meal for $95/'s a great representation of the type of food they provide. The staff takes their time to explain all the food & wines. If u can afford it, I would throw down the extra $25 for wine pairing, omg so good! Alan Wong uses local farmers so u can feel good about supporting HI. Bold yet delicate flavors, wider palatte welcome, & free valet on S.king street :)

  • Amazing service
    by  on 06/16/2008

    The service at Alan Wong's was impeccable. Their rolls were delicious, and I really enjoyed The Coconut, their signature dessert.

  • You want to go the best restaurant in Hawaii - then go to Alan Wong's
    by  on 04/06/2008

    Lived in Hawaii and was there when Alan Wong's opened. It is without a doubt the best of the best. There are so many things that we liked about the restaurant. Its out of the way place, its definitely different, its upstairs in a building that you would not think a restaurant is in. When you make your reservations they take your name and when you are seated the person who seats you and your waiter from then on uses your name. its like you have been coming there forever. The Manager stops by and ask how things are going. There is usually a ""special treat"" from Alan, maybe its just a juice drink, or a small appetizer, and that is also followed up by a dessert piece of something at the end. The rolls are delicious, finish one, and the roll boy is there again; the water glass is never empty. My favorite is when the person brings you meal and explains everything on it, rather than some places that when someone brings you the plate they have to ask you what you ordered. The waiters don't start as waiters, they start as the bus boys and work their way up, the learn how to be a waiter and all the different kinds of food that are prepared. When you go to AW's you are treated as someone who has been coming for years, even if it is you first trip there. Yes it crowded, most great restaurants are. And the awards won by AW is overwhelming. And the best part is that AW is usually there. There are some restaurants that the owner, top chef are rarely there.

  • Severely Disappointed
    by  on 03/13/2008

    We entered this meal with much excitement, even spending time to construct our own tasting menu of six courses. What followed after we ordered however, only caused our collective bated breath to shift into sighs of despair. Each dish was cloyingly sweet obstructing all other flavors, which were assembled with no sense of balance. The execution was clumsy and overly complicated, with an end product not worthy of a James Beard award and certainly not a spot in-between Masa and Daniel on Gourmet's top 10 list. There was not a single dish that left us wanting more. Each dish led to only further disappointment, as we sat in the jumbled decor of what looked like a hotel lobby tiki bar. The only redeeming quality was that the service was generally helpful and courteous. Additionally, the kitchen, despite their severe culinary handicap, was prompt.

  • spendy
    by  on 12/08/2007

    great food and quick service... but pretty expensive. Save this restaurant for a special occassion.

  • very good
    by  on 12/06/2007

    all around great

  • Odd experience
    by  on 06/13/2007

    This is supposed to be one of the premiere dining experiences in Honolulu. The location almost borders on bizarre and there is simply NOTHING special about the dining room or the service ware. The staff are very personable and make every effort to educate you to the various dishes which in my opinion are over done, over staged and a little off the mark in flavor combinations. This is an average fine dining experience that costs the same as a first rate dining experience in any other city in the US. Alan needs to up his game here a bit.\r

  • Diverse menu, prompt service, good food
    by  on 01/04/2007

    We ordered the 7 tasting menu. It consists of a shooter, sandwich and soup, beef tenderlion, abalone mushroom..etc. Overall, I liked most of their items. Everytime I was done with an item, they were quick to remove the dish and supplied me with new utensils. The dining room was small but had a nice, clean decor. The food was pricey but I don't go there all the time. I don't think it's the best food I've ever tasted. I did not care for the cold soup as it was plain in my opinion. We had several different waiters at our table which made us feel like a king and queen. Though I generally do not like dessert, it was the most elaborate of all the items.


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