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Beefy's Cabin

693 Grape Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 736-7141Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/26/2014


Extra Phones

Phone: (650) 736-7141

Secondary Phone: (408) 737-2076

Primary Phone: (408) 737-2076

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  • Up in Smoke is mostly right
    Posted: 4/8/2010

    It is not a gay bar, but it is almost always exclusively men at all times day/night. You may see the occasional female, but her boyfriend is sitting nearby. The drinks are weak, but I wouldn't say they are much more expensive than any other place(s). It's an internet juke box so you can find the Zeppelin song you're looking for, if you search for it. Obviously, it costs a bit more when you search. If you're looking to score in Darts or Pool than you've found the right spot. They have weekly tournaments/league play for both darts & pool. If you’re trying to make this your wading pool of love, forget about it. In summary, this place would be awesome if they had a few available women come in every now and then, but for now I'd rate the joint as an average bar.

  • Like to smoke, and have a cheap beer?!
    Updated: 6 days ago

    Great place to hit a comfortable, friendly place for happy hour. Or even better if you're a dart or billiards fan. Lots of dart boards and always a new person up for a challenge. Cheap beers, $4 for Guinness on tap! And just a nice fun place to meet cool locals. A great alternative to the snobby, up-scale ultra lounges. And you can smoke!

  • Fun & Friendly bar
    Updated: 6 days ago

    This bar has an excellent mix of personalities and age groups. You are not a stranger after your first visitand everyone makes you feel welcome and wanting to come back. The large TV's around the bar allow excellent viewing of all sports from anywhere in the bar and the large projection screens are a big plus. I took up pool this year and the regulars ( very good shooters ) help you learn the game without laughing at your shots. I am going to try darts the next time to see how good I am. Oh yea, the drinks are excellent and a fair price. Next door is a chinese restaurant if you get hungry.

  • Great bar, lots of women, great drinks....
    Updated: 6 days ago

    I went to this bar on a friend's recommendation and it was cool! Lot's of friendly people, good service, drinks were stiff. Music was always playing and because it was an internet jukebox, I found all the music I wanted. I smoke and it's the only smoking bar I found in the area which is a really big plus! I don't have to go outside anymore. The bartenders are friendly and filled my drinks without me even having to ask. Look, the bottom line for me was I could smoke and enjoy all the nice looking women which were plentiful! They even have a new website.

  • up in smoke
    Updated: 6 days ago

    Beefy's Cabin is not a gay bar, though it is filled almost exclusively with men and the bartender is a bodybuilder. You can smoke inside, but if you stay for more than 30 minutes you smell radioactive for days after you leave. The jukebox is a dollar a song, but they have NO Led Zeppelin at all. The drinks are weak, but are priced about average


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