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Hawaiian Drive Inn

4827 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112
Open Now
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
(415) 586-9382Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/25/2014


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  • Excellent Food at very low prices!!!
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/30/2005

    This place reminds me of the whole in the wall roadside places in Hawaii. (I think thats where they got the idea.) The food is very close to authentic hawaiian food I had. I ordered the kahlua pig over rice with a side of macaroni salad. The portions were huge, I couldn't even finish it. It cost under $7. My friend ordered the seafood special, which had deep fried shrimp, mahi mahi, and a choice of meat, with a side of salad and rice, which was also under $7. They put the orders in foam packages, just like hawaii, so its great to order to go. Go on weekends when the have pork lau lau and kahlua pig, and some other weekend specials. Its always so crowded, so it might take about 5-10 minutes to get your order (call in your order first.)

  • User review by esley
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/25/2005

    this is a great hole in the wall place for cheap and tasty food. everything is around $5 and comes with generous portions of rice and mac salad. the chicken katsu is way better than that served by any japanese restaurant in the city! can be crowded during the lunch and dinner hours

  • very good bargain
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 7/20/2002

    Generous portions of meat, rice, and macaroni salad in every lunch plate. The mini-plates are served with a scoop of rice and macaroni salad, and the meat of your choice. If you're feeling extremely hungry, get the regular plate where it comes with an extra scoop of rice and meat. It is bound to fill you up. The food is served over the counter and there are a few places to sit and enjoy your meal. Nothing fancy though. Starting at $3.50 for the mini-plates and $5 for the regular plate, it is a very good bargain.


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