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Pompeii Italian Grill

16109 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247
Mediterranean, Italian, European
Open Now
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
(210) 946-5518DirectionsMap
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Regular Hours
Mon - Thu
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sat
11:00 am - 10:30 pm
11:00 am - 9:30 pm

General Info

Pompeii Grill Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine. It features domed ceilings, fresco-like artwork and stone floors. Pompeii Grill Restaurant serves a range of appetizers, such as eggplant Parmesan, saut ed artichokes and mushrooms, and fried calamari and mussels. Its seafood dishes include grilled trout and salmon, shrimp Pompeii and linguini di mar. Pompeii Grill Restaurant offers minestrone and Italian wedding soups. It provides grilled chicken, pepperoni, mushroom and vegetarian pizzas. Pompeii Grill Restaurant s wine selection includes merlot, pinot grigio, chardonnay, Chianti and cabernet sauvignon. The restaurant has private dining rooms for business luncheons and special occasions. Pompeii Grill Restaurant is located in San Antonio.

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  • Excellent food and service!
    by  on 03/17/2012

    My husband and I have eaten at Pompeii three times and have been consistently happy with the service, quality of food and atmosphere. Our waitress has been very friendly and professional and quick to take our orders and bring out our food. The portions are very generous and the pasta has been consistently cooked to perfection! We will definitely be making a trip back to eat here soon!

  • Terrible Service!
    by  on 01/29/2012

    First time here. The food is NOT that great. You get your salad in less than two minutes which leads me to believe that all their food is pre-done. I don't see why it's so difficult for someone to cut FRESH lettuce and make their dressing. I ordered the lasagna and it was cold and had to get it re-heated. As typical places like this do, I watched as our waiter gave it to the chef, simply put it in the oven, and I got it a few minutes later. My wife ordered some kind of chicken dish with vegetables but there was so much butter that it couldn't be eaten. The service was the worst part. When we were there, it was a Friday afternoon and there weren't that many people in there at all. My waiter, some tall guy with unprofessional hair, was so busy talking with the girl worker up front that I hardly got any service. I had to keep waiving him down just so I could ask for more cheese and bread and as soon as he dropped it off there he went back to talk to the girl up front again. If you are looking for fresh and good Italian food, then this is NOT the place to go to. Their prices are ridiculous for items that are pre-cooked.

  • Chicken Ceasar Salad
    by  on 12/07/2011

    Most AWESOME salad ever.

  • Simply Amazing
    by  on 06/24/2011

    So I've been coming to this place for years now, and it's a little different each time. Their Chicken Piccata is awesome, and many other plates they have. Some of their selections are really pricy, and I even tried the most expensive thing, the lamb shank and I just wasn't impressed. The sauce they put on the lamb shank was disgusting. Service is only good when you have the right person. I had been going for years, then a few months ago I got a guy named Brian or Bryan, whatever it's spelled. This guy was by far the fastest server I've ever had, and you can even watch him and you'll see why. I ask for him every time and I recommend him to anyone who goes. I told him about the sauce for the labm shank, and he actually agreed with me. He suggested that I try the rack of lamb because it had a sweet marsala sauce on it. After the first bite, I was so impressed that such a sweet sauce could compliment the meat so well. There have been a few times where when I order the salmon, it's either too undercooked or just doesn't taste right. But their desserts are magnificent. In the end, I give this place a high rating. It's not very common that you see a place that can take a bunch of groups of people, they even have their own private room in the back for parties of what I was told, can be 100 or more!

  • Stay Away
    by  on 04/10/2011

    I wasn't expecting to have a pizza made chicago style at a Italian restaurant....It also tasted just like pizza huts recipe deep dish pizza. Yuck. The salad had no taste as well.

  • Way too pricey for mostly pasta
    by  on 10/11/2010

    The best part was the bread and olive oil. The food is WAY overpriced and not very impressive at all. I paid $26.00 for a veal shank and received a lot of pasta and a huge fatty bone with very little meat on it that was tender but very bland. Very disappointing. My son also ordered a plate with sun-dried tomatoes and was also disappointed at the amount of pasta he received for 13.00. I can think of other Italian restaurants to go to than to go back here. The food is definitely not worth the price you pay.

    by  on 11/06/2009

    I have fequented Pompeii many times and every time I leave happier than I was when I came in. The bottomless bread and Olive Oil with Garlic is so tasty. I would be happy with just the bread and a cup of coffee. My favorite appetizers are Pompeii salad and stuffed mushrooms. The chicken cannelloni, chicken masala, Shrimp Pompeii, and sausage cacciatore are my top picks for entrees. If you are CRAVING really GREAT classic Italian food then I suggest Pompeii.

  • Best Italian in town.
    by  on 07/07/2008

    The building is unique and intricate in it's design. The food was definitely the best Italian I've ever eaten. We went through 4 loaves of the free bread alone! Everyone at the table was very impressed with their meals.\r \r There was great music playing and just enough empty tables to not feel too crowded. The server was knowledgeable, thoughtful and prompt.\r \r The wait for food is a little long, and the pricing a little steep but, it is well worth it. I'd recommend this place to any of my friends.


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