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Bullet Hole Shooting Range

2715 Grosenbacher Rd, San Antonio, TX 78245
Open Now
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
(210) 679-6781Directions★ Review


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  • I have been a member of the Bu...
    Posted: 6/1/2013

    I have been a member of the BulletHole shooting range for 7+ years and can say that slowly but surely this place has turned into a shooting nightmare. It used to be pretty lax on the range Nazis and management left the patrons to police themselves (in over fifty visits, nary a problem). Not so much now. This week I can say is my last visit to this shooting concentration camp. First, the range masters (I use that term loosely- I will use a$$es from now on) are more like arrogant police than ever before (not my first time to witness this, just the first time to report it). We arrived at the pistol range and there were FOUR range a$$es hovering over about FIVE or SIX patrons. These guys were swaggering around with their holstered guns acting like they owned you and your time at the range (no joke). One even had the dreaded Blackhawk Serpa holster just begging for a negligent discharge (my opinion only). Thought every respectable range had banned those. And why are these range guys armed to begin with? Can you imagine their juvenile response to a threat? CHAOS! This is a catastrophe in the waiting. The 50 yard was no different with a range a$$ monitoring every movement (the first time I have been so monitored since my days in kindergarden). This guy couldn’t help but continually look over every bit of kit each shooter had and then barked orders like we were in county lockup. I did see a bit of courtesy here and there, but in our 4+ hours at the range, it was rare. Each person in our party made remarks throughout the day that this range had changed… and changed for the worse. Even signs warned not to “steal” the brass off the ground or you would be banned for life… and “maybe they would ban you in future for picking up your own brass” (not an exact quote but close enough). What a bunch of BS! Off to find a better managed range for shooting next time. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SHOOTING RANGE!

  • Disappointed
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    Posted: 2/7/2011

    Very unhappy with this place very congested and unorganized. People renting firearms that should not be using them. Could not find employee's at range's for assistance. Rifle range table's are so close together that you are almost sitting on top of the person next to you "very uncomfortable"!! They charge you for a membership for no reason cuz you still pay the same amount the next time you go again. I have been to several other range's and this was the worst. I would not go back and would not recommend it.

  • Not bad
    Posted: 7/28/2010

    Overall I like the Bullet Hole. No major issues. They have cleaned the place up a little it seems with is better. I'll go back.


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