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Doughnut Plant

379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002
Donuts, Pastries
Open Now
6:30 am - 8:00 pm
(212) 505-3700DirectionsMap
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  • You say you like doughnuts...
    by  on 08/04/2011

    ...then get here already. They have both yeast doughnuts (think the kind THAT chain sells) and cake doughnuts (think the kind in the supermarket that come in a white box with blue writing). Fresh, tasty, and its kinda in the middle of nowhere so, since you're walking so much, you won't feel bad eating a doughnut of each kind ;)

  • Forget Hooboken Cupcakes
    by  on 04/17/2011

    I cannot say enough. Fresh, Creative and Healthly DO NUTS .. Yes Way.. A must visit when in Manhattan, dont worry about the lower east side, good stuff all around. Park in front or across the street.

  • Cool place.
    by  on 11/19/2010

    I heard about this place on TV and figured since its in NYC I don't have an excuse to not try the ""best donuts"" in town. They didn't dissapoint, they have a lot of interesting options that you wouldn't find in your normal donut shop. Def give it a try.

  • Organic delicious doughnuts
    by  on 02/28/2010

    Totally hidden in an unexpected location. The store is very simple and OLD. However, their doughnuts are great and they use only fresh and or organic ingredients. It is slightly on the pricey side. Each doughnut is $2 and above. We got the Black Out and Strawberry Filling Doughnuts and they are very good and pretty big. I am glad to be able to come to this historic doughnut place. Now they have become a foodie spot so there are visitors all the time. The creme brulee tiny doughnuts are great too!

  • Good not Great better than DD's
    by  on 02/17/2010

    Interesting combo but this is not something I would buy on a reg. basis just because of the price. It's not sooo spectacular that I would consistantly shell out this kind of money. Don't get me wrong, they are good and orig. Very dense.

  • Great fun - I'm takng my mom
    by  on 10/12/2009

    Ignore the haters, they would hate the bread Jesus brought them from heaven. The staff is fun. The experience is fun. I am taking my 83 year old mother in a couple of weeks. Chicago girl - so I know it will be a big sell to NYC. I expect Doughnut Plant will help.

  • Doesn't Deserve the business
    by  on 05/22/2009

    The doughnuts are OK at best. This guy has a severe attitude problem and doesn't deserve loyal customers. His appearance on Bobby Flays Throwdown is a perfect example of how miserable he is.

  • Good for cake-type doughnuts
    by  on 05/14/2009

    The yeast-type doughnuts are alright... it is not difficult to find a cheaper one that's as good. The cake-type doughnuts are amazing, and worth a trip. Especially blackout if you are a chocolate lover. I wonder how they make Blackout so moist, rich, cookie-crumbly with some hint of liquid chocolate WITHOUT using eggs! If you wanna know about my experience, the approximate price and see some pictures, visit iconofreflection.blogspot.c0m/2009/05/nycs-doughnut-plant.html


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