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Relax Inn

1851 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
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Open 24 Hours
(954) 462-5146Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/26/2014


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  • Stay away, far away
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 3/7/2012

    Made 3 initial phone calls. 1st call the price was $89, 2nd call price was $89 for double bed $109 for King (no queen), 3rd call made reservation for King. Arrived and was handed a bill for $154.00. I questioned it & was told the price was $109 for double & $139 for King. When I said I had called the proprieter told me oh that was another woman we had to fire her. (It wasn t another woman, I recognized her voice.) But that wasn t my problem anyway, I had a reservation number. She then said, look around for an hour, if you don t find anything come back, but then $154. I argued the point & she finally agreed to $109, but no King beds available, despite my reserving one. The room was small & dark, dresser with front of drawers off, filthy bathroom. My husband said he wasn t removing his clothes or turning down the bed, he d sleep on top. TV didn t work, proprieter said we could switch rooms with another guest but the room was smaller. It was smaller, dirtier, smelled funky & within 10minutes something bit me. It was horrible. We ended up going for a walk, 100 yds away was the Winwoods Motor Lodge. It was run down, the bathroom had seen better days but the room had 2 double beds, extremely clean, nice guy, Eddie, who owned it and $65 a night. Outside of Relax Inn was nice enough, but inside horrible. I rated it 1 star because I couldn t rate it no stars. I don t know where this other person stayed. We had to eat the cost of the room but it was worth not having to sleep there, we didn't return the key until the next day so she couldn't rent it to anyone else. Locals at restaurants told us it wasn't a ""nice place.""


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