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Bay Mountain Martial Arts

2956 Treat Blvd, Concord, CA 94518
Open Now
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
(925) 798-6235Directions★ Review



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  • Expert Martial Arts Instruction in a Positive Atmosphere
    by  on 01/30/2009

    If you are reading this review, chances are that there are a variety of reasons why you have considered either beginning or enhancing your training in the martial arts: \r ? for personal growth;\r ? to build confidence;\r ? the health benefits;\r ? for professional reasons;\r ? to teach either yourself or your kids about discipline and self respect; and/or, \r ? just for the fun it.\r \r Regardless of the reason, Bay Mountain Martial Arts is an excellent school where the instructors will work with you to help you exceed all your goals and expectations. They all have an ?open door? policy and work hard to ensure that you are learning the techniques and applications properly and constantly moving in the right direction. You will undoubtedly have fun and be amazed at how much you learn under their guidance.\r \r The school will challenge you, and you may, at times, feel like you are outside your ?comfort zone.? But, the school emphasizes a team approach. There is not one master standing in front of the class issuing edicts from on high. Rather, the teachers work with you to ensure that you are the master of the curriculum. The school fosters personal growth and stresses physical fitness. The physical and mental rewards are measurable and attainable. You will see the school?s results: increased coordination, greater flexibility, keener mental awareness, and stronger physical conditioning. \r \r I wholeheartedly recommend this school. You will not regret it. Whatever your reasons for joining, you will not be disappointed. The journey of challenges and successes that lies ahead will be truly rewarding and life changing.

  • Simply the best
    by  on 08/08/2007

    My 11-yr old son has been attending for over 3 years and is working toward his brown belt; my 8-yr old son started the Dragons program recently after finishing Tiny Tigers and is working toward a purple belt. You can read about the instructors at their website to get a sense of how they teach-- what I want to share is how they interact with the kids: maintaining firm control and discipline with gentle patience and consistency (keeping it safe for everyone); using games, drills and repetition; and giving positive feedback when it is earned. The kids embrace it enthusiastically. They love their senseis and orbit them like planets around the sun. :) Warning: be prepared for L-O-N-G belt tests...even for the little kids. It would be nice if they had a larger facility so parents could sit down, in the meantime, wear comfortable standing shoes. If becoming a black belt is your goal, this is THE place...for kids AND adults.


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