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Hanna's Auto Works & Recycling Inc

299 W Cedar St, Allentown, PA 18102
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    by  on 04/06/2015

    Traveled 60 miles to pick up a radio I was told was ready to be picked up, got there and was not ready! Tony was ignorant and seemed to be "slow" Save your money and go to a REAL place, this place wants your $ but does not want to help at all, long story short, traveled 120 miles and a half tank of gas for nothing...horrible! Dont lie to your customers!

    by  on 03/30/2015

    Thanks guys...great job with the bumper and even was able to match the color.. And they love animals!!

    by  on 01/26/2015

    SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUY FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. Worst customer service. I got a part shipped from them to Philadelphia, an Audi A6 radio controls console and it was not working properly. I called back to try to get my money back but they gave me a run around about how the salesperson, Moe, was not there and to call back later, etc. When I called back and finally got a hold of Moe, he said there was nothing he could do. He said it was too late to return it, I asked why no one else could help me out when he wasn't there and he said there was no way I talked to someone that day because apparently they were closed. Moe asked me to prove to him that I talked to someone that day and when I printed my phone logs and faxed them to him showing I spoke with someone that day, he still said there was nothing he could do and would not return my money. He even hung up on me during the last conversation.

    by  on 08/05/2013

    I ignored the negative reviews above and I paid the price....IN CASH. Once you make the "deposit" for the desired piece and then pay the price in full, you will be treated like trash. They will talk down to you, mistreat you, yell at you, ignore you, and the whole nine-yards as they now have your money. They will also require that you put a SECOND deposit for your old/used piece which they will want from you. Once you show up with the old piece, they will come up with a reason not to give you back the above-mentioned deposit, and they get quite creative in that. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

    by  on 06/26/2013

    I have now had 2 services performed by Hanna; no problems, the service was done quickly and efficiently. Fair prices. I explained how I would schedule according to my budget for my older diesel Mercedes; he did not gouge me or try to sell additional services. same day service. thanks, Hanna!

  • Avoid this place at all cost. ...
    by  on 11/30/2012

    Avoid this place at all cost. Please be aware that if you purchase a part here and it is damaged, you can only replace it. I bought a seat for my car, it was broken. However, this junkyard was closed on Sunday and I had to go another junkyard to get my seat. I needed it ASAP because I was going away for the holiday. When I tried to return this broken seat, the owner would not refund the money at all. He kept going on how he sold me the cushion, not the frame and not the tracks. They have a policy on their wall that states that a refund would be given MINUS a 50 % restocking fee. IT'S A JUNKYARD, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO RESTOCK? When I explained to him that he owed me at least half of the money for the seat, he said that policy is only for if he can't find a replacement. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP. AVOID THIS PLACE, AT ALL COST.

  • horrible
    by  on 07/12/2011

    Gave me one wrong sized tire with holes all along the side saying that it was a good tire, I feel I was robbed and unsafe to drive front wheel drive with two different size tires...thanks hannas

  • WORST business I have ever dealt with-PERIOD!
    by  on 03/22/2011

    If I could give negative stars I would. This so called "business" is the WORST company I have dealt with in my 33 years in the used auto parts business. I needed a transmission, and regretfully got one from here. They told me it was low mileage and was tested. After 2 days of labor, new bushings and fluid, the transmission was slipping then finally gave up altogether. Car was taken to the dealer on Monday, and they confirmed the trans was bad. Hannas was EXTREMELY difficult over the phone, and would not work with me on replacing the trans. They finally relented and said they would deliver a replacement to the dealer on Wednesday afternoon. The dealer called me on Thursday afternoon and said they had not received the replacement trans. After more rudeness on the phone with no explanation why the trans was not delivered when promised (much less an apology), a trans was delivered at closing time Thursday. Another call came from the dealer Friday morn, Hannas delivered ANOTHER bad trans that could not be installed bc the tube that the mounting bolt runs through was cracked. This was something external that was easily noticeable, yet Hannas delivered it anyway. Another call to Hannas, more rudeness to both my wife and I (not to mention being put on hold for a half hour at a time bc Hannas did not want to answer our questions-so we had to hang up and call back and deal with the rudeness again). I was finally told they had to take a 3rd trans out of a car to replace the cracked one. Saturday morn my wife called to check on the status of the 3rd trans, and was told they had not started it and because of a short staff on the weekend it would be done first thing Monday morn. Monday morn we call and were told that the guys were taking the trans out of the car and it would be taken to the dealer after lunch. It is now Tuesday morn, and another call comes from the dealer that they still have not received the 3rd trans. Obviously, our frustration level is very high, and if not for fear of being shafted out of our money, we would have taken our business elsewhere a week ago. Which still may happen if this third trans does not work out. I can not put into words how EXTREMELY DIASAPPOINTED I am in dealing with this company, how they are allowed to have a business license is beyond my comprehension. The quality of the parts I got from them speak volumes of this place from top to bottom. The parts are junk, and I have NEVER dealt with such rude people in ANY business, not just in the automotive industry. We found out a bit too late, but in the words of a reputable junkyard that we do frequent business with, when he found out we got a trans through Hannas, his quote was "Wow, ha, good luck with that!" Similar experience to what I just detailed, and he, along with us, will NEVER do business with Hannas again, and I suggest everyone else follows suit if you value your peace of mind.



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