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600 S Vandeventer Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110

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Added on 08/26/2014

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  • 10/11/2016

    LAWSUIT!!!!! Called them to pick my fiance up from work and the driver wouldn't move unless he paid $15.00 up front. Then he put our address in his personal phone and didn't turn on the meter. When my fiance wouldn't give him money up front he put the car in park, took the keys out, and got out of the cab saying he wasn't moving. When my fiance gets out and proceeds to walk off, the cab driver guns in a beeline for him and would have hit him if he didn't dive out of the way. Thank goodness it happened on his work parking lot and they have the camera footage from it. I called the supervisor at dispatch and they wouldn't give me the name of the driver just the cab number which was 1044. He very rudely said that I shouldn't be calling them and that if thats true I should call the police which I did. They messed with the wrong ones this time. Beware of cab 1044! LAWSUIT!!!! And by the way, their cabs smell like poop!

  • 09/19/2015

    one of your drivers got out of his car and hit my girlfriends car while in traffic because he was trying to pass us in a very narrow lane ( many parked cars on the one side making if very dangerous to us the right lane). Completely unprofessional ...

  • 10/29/2014

    Cab never showed. They sent a message saying they were nearly there, but still didn't show.

  • user avatar

    I am finished with Laclede Cab. My employer uses this company to pick up clients for appointments. They weren't so bad. They were usually on time, but not any huge issues. However, lately we have had many issues with them. Their maps seem to be outdated, they are EXTREMELY unprofessional, they have been late to pick up and late to drop off, and they have gotten lost. I once tried to use them with out an account, and after over an hour of waiting, I texted County Cab, and someone was there in less than 5 minutes (not exaggerating, I looked at the times on my phone). If you have the choice, do NOT use Laclede!

  • Do not hire this cab company. ...

    Do not hire this cab company. They are rude and very unprofessional. They also break laws. I complained to the Taxi Commission that they placed my 7 yr old son in the front seat, which is illegal in every state in the USA. There response to my compliant..... Kicked my son out the cab.

  • Don't use this cab company. Th...

    Don't use this cab company. They were extremely rude, and the last time I called an hour in advance to get a cab to Union Station they never showed up. I called back half half an hour or so to see what was going on. ( I love on a college campus so it could get confusing) They said that my order was never put in and somebody would be there soon. They still never came, and I missed my train. Using this company before, was really bad, I got yelled at most of the time and the drivers were very rude. The only reason I went back was because it was cheap, but not anymore.

  • Liars - Bait and Switch - Creative Cheating

    I looked at the website and they advertise no fees before we leave the premises, others charge this but we don't. That is a flat lie. They also boasted on their web site no fees for one passenger. When I got picked up to go to the hospital, the cab I got in was about to fall apart. The floors were so rusted out you could almost see the ground. What aggrevated me was before we even left the meter read $2.20. I asked what that was for. He said $1.00 per passenger and $1.00 for gas. OK. I checked the mileage on several sites before I left. 3.9 miles. This should have been less than an $8 cab ride. When we arrived it was $11.80 plus tip. Huh? Then I get picked up to get home. The next guy drops me off for $12.00 then he wants to write in $2.00 fee. He puts it on my credit card. I refused to sign until he stopped the nonsense. We agreed at $12.80. How rude and sneaky these people are. Oh, when you call them to get a ride it takes forever for them to answer the phone. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE I don't think this is what the foudners of the cab company envisioned when it started mnay years ago.

  • use someone else

    horrible service and rude employees, would call someone else.......

  • High prices and horrible customer service

    they are the worst cab company i have ever used. the drivers are very rude and have no manners, they were an hour late which made me late for my meeting, i tried to make a suggestion for a faster route and the driver asked if i would like to drive. i would never use them again or recomend them to anyone.

  • Try another service

    The only two times I've ever called this cab company they never showed. Once was on a Saturday night. We were in a somewhat sketchy area and didn't see any business or home addresses around so we gave the dispatcher the main intersection we were at. After waiting 30 minutes post our pick-up time, we called back and the dispatcher said they ""can only send a cab to an address"".... she failed to tell us this when we gave her our information in the first place! The second time was a Monday afternoon coming home from the airport with a lot of luggage. We were only 3 miles from our home, but too far to walk with our bags. After waiting for 45 minutes post pick-up time (in the STL summer heat), the cab never showed again and we decided to just walk. Two empty Laclede Cabs drove by us and didn't stop when we tried hailing them. Again, the dispatcher was rude to us on the phone suggesting we were impatient (after waiting for 45 minutes?!). Try ABC Taxi instead.

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