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2403 E 4th St, Reno, NV 89512

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Indoor/Outdoor doggy daycare and luxury overnight boarding - where your dog has a better vacation than you do!

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Luxury boarding with TV's, DVD players, piped in music, K-9 Grass, Skylights, and comfy raised beds and furniture


* Luxury suites and condos * Indoor/outdoor group play *Group "Slumber Party" boarding *Staffed 24hrs a day, so doggies are never left alone!

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  • We trust them with our dogs fo...

    We trust them with our dogs for overnight boarding of any length of time. We have done just one night, and for several weeks as well. Our dogs play with the other dogs during their stay, and everything has been great with that. They always feed our dogs the correct amount and they have never gotten sick or hurt. The price is great especially with the discount we get for having our two dogs stay together. We have been using them for about 4 years now, so we absolutely trust them. The care is good and consistent and the staff is always nice to us and our dogs.

  • Left my dog here for 6 nights ...

    Left my dog here for 6 nights and came back to a very sick dog. His collar was badly chewed by another dog and he was lethargic/sickly for nearly 2 weeks. Cost me quite a bit for vet bills to get my dog on track. I would never use this facility again.

  • Wouldn't Take My ""Kids"" Anywhere Else!

    My three dogs just LOVE Pet Play House. The staff is kind and loving, the facility is always clean and neat. Everyone treats my pets like their own.

  • I had to board my dog for the ...

    I had to board my dog for the first time and was really worried because he is very attached and even though he is friendly he does not trust other people as he does me. He is also very active and is scared to be alone I didn't want him to be in a crate the entire time I was gone. I have heard about the Pet Play House before and thought it was a great place for him so that he would be able to exercise and socialize as well as be supervised at all times. I brought him in for daycare to ensure he played well with the others and he seemed fine when I came to pick him up later that day. The staff seemed nice and I made reservations to board him. However when it came time to drop him off for boarding he did not want to go inside the building and was barking and backing away from the employees. They did offer to even show me where he would be staying and just set his belongings on the floor and went back to the computer. I just figured my dog was barking due to the other dogs in the facility. I called a few days later and I asked that I pick up my dog a day early and the response was "Your obligated to pay the full reservation" which I didn't mind I just wanted to see my dog. The lady on the telephone seemed inconvenienced by me calling and seemed to have no idea that my dog was even there. I wasn't too concerned and just shrugged it off until I got my dog home. Every time I went to pet him or pick him up he would lose control of his bladder and he spent all his time sleeping and acting mopey. Which is very unlike him. He also came back very dirty and had something sticky in his fur. Even when picking him up was not allowed to see where he was staying. I think that they have good ideas and good intentions but I was not impressed with my experience and my dog doesn't seem to be either.

  • Unfortunate Experience

    My pup and I have never been treated worse in our lives!\r \r After reading the reviews, I thought I had found heaven, but in fact, just the opposite. My pup had a couple daycare sessions here and every time I found the staff to be so un-caring. I would ask questions on how he did, if he ate, etc, and they would respond with a generic, 'I think so', not knowing or caring a bit - unlike what they advertise. \r \r My worst experience though is with whomever answers the phone. We ran into a family emergency and had to cancel our holiday plans (not just with boarding but the entire vacation for 13 people due to a terminal illness). We were outside of the *10 day window* and in the midst of a family tragedy, and yet the woman was so rude and curt with me, even after I explained our situation. I can't even detail how awful of customer service I received - threatening me, and putting 'notes in my file'. Talk about a bad day getting worse - and by someone who I'm supposed to trust my pup with. \r \r They may have individual 'condos' for your pets, but I will never, ever bring my pet or allow any friend of mine to bring their pet here. I would rather have loving, caring people taking care of my beloved pet, than anyone from Pet Play House.

  • Excellent place to board your dog.

    I've used Pet Play House many times when we go on vacations and couldn't feel more safer leaving our dog. I've booked her in both the slumber party and condos. I've seen other boarding places in Reno and they put them in a warehouse w/ no windows. Also at pet playhouse, they have an employee there 24hrs a day. At other places, they leave at 11pm and don't come back until 6am. To me, when you are boarding 25-30 or more dogs their shoud be someone available at all times. I also love that they offer grooming services. That way when we go on vacation for a week our dog is groomed the morning we pick her up and she's clean and smells great. We are very happy and plan on using Pet Play House everytime we need to board our dog Zoe.

  • Repeatedly disappointed...

    Our dog regularly attends daycare elsewhere, however, we needed to board our pooch and didn't like the idea of a regular kennel. Based on the other glowing reviews, I decided that this was the place to go. In order to board your dog here, you have to attend one day of daycare so they are able to determine how your dog interacts with others. As we expected, our dog passed with flying colors. I was very impressed with the building; it's a large and clean facility. Unfortunately, the staff failed to impress. When I dropped our dog off for the test-run, the woman that greeted me at the counter could not have been less pleasant if she'd tried. It was almost as if I was ruining her day by simply walking through the door. I decided not to let that get to me and, instead, I figured she might just be in the midst of a bad day. Unless everyday for her is a bad day, I was mistaken. For dogs that participate in the slumber party, you must drop them off by noon. However, I was unable to get away from work early and, as it is the right thing to do, I called to let them know. I was informed, and I quote, that my dog wouldn't be able to do the slumber party because he would "ANNOY all of the other dogs if he weren't there by noon." Excuse me?! That's how they talk to customers?? I asked what I could do, since I had already paid half of the fees as a deposit and she snidely informed me that I could upgrade to a condo for an extra $10/night. I am not a confrontational person and I rarely write reviews or complain to strangers about service at any company. The other reviewers must have had a very different experience than mine. I simply cannot imagine anyone calling those people pleasant. It's truly sad, though. It would be a top-rate place if the service stood up to the awesome facade.

  • Fun, fun, fun!

    The Pet Play House has a big new building down on E. Fourth St. Looks like tons of fun for dogs. Tons of fun for my kid too who thinks that each time we go there it is a trip to the zoo or something LOL! Our dog seems to know what she's doing when she gets there because she tries to push open the swinging doors that go back to the play rooms. She thinks she's just allowed to ""let herself right in."" Neat-o unique business, what a great idea! Must be such an awesome job to get to play with so many different dogs every day. Our one dog is ENOUGH for us though!

  • Fantastic Business

    The Pet Play House is wonderful. I take my cavalier king charles spaniel to them. It was so hard for me to leave him that very first time. I never let him out of my sight. After my first visit to the new location I knew it was the right place for him. I request that he be kept with the small sized dogs, because I don't want him to be trampled by the big dogs. The small dog day care has a yard where he can go to the bathroom and run around with his friends. He can also rest on dog beds and doggy lawn chairs. It is just so precious! It is perfect for my baby boy. Socializing him with other dogs has been a very rewaring experience. The men and women give excellent care to him and all of the other dogs.

  • WOW the BEST

    They just moved into their new digs and it's incredibled! Like something you would find in a BIG city. Very clean and bright...indoor/outdoor. My dog loved boarding in a Condo with a TV and group play for free. She didn't want to come home with us at the end of her stay, so we ended up signing her up for day care 2 times a week. It has been the best thing for can just tell she is a much happier dog

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