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Full service medical, surgical, dental, boarding, grooming, & supplies facility for animals serving the Washington Heights area.

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  • Very bad experience

    After moving to the neighborhood, we decided to take our dog for her annual check up here. It was not a good experience and I would not recommend it. The staff were not well trained in handling scared animals and the doctor continually cut me off. They would not listen when i asked them not to take my dog's temp using the ear instrument because it was stressed her out so much, and continued over and over again to try to use it on her, reducing her to a cowering wreck. We ended up walking out. I later learned that the clinic is not well thought of by other pet owners in the neighborhood who have also had bad experiences there. They seem to have no idea how to interact with animals in a positive way. I would definitely recommend treking to another neighborhood to avoid this place.


    I feel the staff is very helpfull. I LOVE going their just because they remember my dogs and me. Everytime I'm their I feel service is given 100%. I know when taking my princess and Fester their that they are being WELL CARED for. At times when I needed their help Dr. Ramos was VERY HELPFULL to my Mother and I GREATLY APPRECIATE THAT. I know NO WHERE ELSE I can get service like I do their.

  • Happy to have found this clinic

    I'm Glad I went there. Why? the staff made my kitty feel comfertable and I know the doctor offered the best care for my pet.\r\nStaff-Helpful & friendly\r\nDoctor- Just calls to see how my pet is doing. That made me feel soo Special that he cared (for my misty)\r\n- on top of everything and i like that they made sure me and my pet were comfertable most of all mitsy \r\nI'm also happy I didn't read those other reviews because I would of missed out on a good clinic.

  • Please take this seriously!

    The positive reviews must be from friends of the staff because they are testifying to the complete opposite of my experience at this clinic. I am a well informed pet owner and medical professional. This was absolutely the worst experience I have ever had taking any of my pets to a veterinarian. The doctor ""examined"" my elderly cat for about 30 seconds and then sent in his tech with a bill filled with ""recommendations"" from the vet. This included treatments that were not only unnecessary, but could have harmed my pet due to her advanced age. It was the tech not the vet that kept revising the list whenever I questioned some of the treatments. This vet does not have your pet's best interest at heart. Please don't take your pet to this vet just because he is the most convenient to where you live. I spent $400 and feel like I need to have my cat reexamined by a competent professional.

  • Comfort Feeling

    Was after hours when my pet injured his foot at the park. I called Riverside Animal Clinic even though they where closed, they told me to rush in. They treated my dogs foot, which was bleeding, and treated me with care and respect. Because of this I will only go to this clinic.

  • Close(by) but no cigar

    I brought my cat in because he swallowed a small bit of onion that is supposed to be poisonous. The receptionist presented me with a long list of suggested treatments, totalling to about $1200, and asked me to sign for consent. I told her I needed to speak to the doctor about these items before I would sign, and she cautioned that there wasn't much time--they needed to begin treatment soon. I told them I would consent to the emetic and the charcoal (does charcoal even bind to onions?) Then the doctor came to speak to me about the other treatments in the same hurried, gotta-save-your-cat-NOW sort of way. \nBut it as it turns out, none of the others were that necessary. I escaped with only a $250 bill and a cured cat.

  • One Stop Shop

    Excellent vets, I brought my three cats on a Saturday for vaccinations and check ups, And I couldn't believe it in 20 minutes I was already out of their. My cats never even felt the injections, It was a great experience. They even called me the next day to know how my pets were doing.

  • Can walk in anytime...

    My first visit, I walked in with a kitten I just rescued from outside. And although appts weren't until the afternoon the doctor came in the morning. I'm happy to have come in because as it turned out the kitten had fleas and worms, I have other cats at home and I don't want any of them getting anything. I was given a kitten kit nd the proper medication for the worms. I'm happy with their service, they were able to help me with the newest member of my family.

  • SCAM ARTIST--Do Not Go There--Avoid at all Cost!!!

    I found out, after the fact--these people are NOT affiliated with the Riverside Animal Hospital. Vet is uninvolved in the examination and allows the tech to do all the preliminary work. Estimates a huge bill ($1,000+) with procedures that may or may not have anything to do with the diagnosis (since they are just guessing). No one is there during the night and your animal could be (probably will be) dead by the time someone shows up in the morning. You have no idea whether or not they did any of the things that you paid for since they do no allow you to see what they are doing. It is too late for me, but maybe you can save yourself and your pet from a painful experience that you will not soon forget.

  • Woof Woof this is the bark in town!

    I had a very good experience here, The doctor was kind and patient with my dog Rocky and the staff was very kind and helpful. Everytime Rocky passes through the clinic he wants to come in for a treat!

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