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(212) 242-1111


453 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

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Tue - Sun
11:00 pm - 4:00 am

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Phone: (212) 242-1117

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Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover

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YP rating

  • This place is awful!

    So I go to this place by accident was looking to go to park around the block for the Matzo ball which is on xmas eve for jewish singles. At the door the guy tells me and my buddy it's 50 bucks we pay that (dude was rude as hell looked at me like I couldnt afford 50 bucks). We get in pay the money collector at the door we were there for 5 mins tops when I realize it's the wrong place. I know it's a long shot but I figure it's xmas eve the guy will be cool so I explain how we were going to the Matzo ball and this is the wrong place. He tells me it doesnt work like that so I'm like okay merry xmas then the dude says you're a jew we dont like them here. I'm like okay bro move back to where ever you moved here from and left. So the guy insulted me kept my money and deserves to get smacked in the face. Oh btw 18 buck for a jack and coke . This place is a nightmare. I wish I could give this place minus stars

  • Think Twice

    I would have given them 1 star but I liked the music. Crowd was obnoxious wannabes. A lot of guys maybe 2-1. Very tasteless door man. He acts like it is exclusive but when you are inside it looks like they let anybody in. My favorite was this group of short fat girls who kept trying to grope my friend. He is traumatized.

  • stRIppER

    honestly i wish i could give it no stars. 1.didint let Ana Leronda (my bffe) bring her boyfriend/manager of kfc inside with us. ( 2.da door man charged me $2.00 to enter 3.they threw me out bc someone spilled a drink on me i didint hit them i sware to god yo i didint hit them 4.i couldent even walk to the restroom someone tripped me and i saw some forgiens making out in the entrance and i threw up on the manager MY BAD DIZ CLUB HAS NO CLASS EVERY MODEL HO AND OLD MAN GO SO IF YOU WANT TO HANG WITH STRIPPERS AND 88 YEAR OLD GO if you wana chill with me go visit my girl at FKC or me at HAIR TOWN EXTENSIONS AND WEAVES :) 5.

  • Spare us the Attitude

    1 Oak is another club that treats its customers like crap. I was with a very large group last night for the Baby G opening. I'm a former waitress, so I can understand their frustration in dealing with drunks but I was never a b-tch to my customers. The bartenders need to remember that the nyc social scene is small and new yorkers do not need any attitude from your bartenders. The owner of 1 Oak needs to conduct a seminar for his employees in how to make the customers feel special.

  • Stay Away - bartender Sandy has attitude

    You know what is great about Citysearch? It allows real customers to vent or rave when the service sucks. And the service sucks at 1 Oak, starting with the bartender Sandy. We were at 1 Oak for the Baby G launch and she was treating everyone at the bar like we were indebted to her. Girl - you're a bartender. Treat your customers like sh-t and they won't come back. Who knows if the owners of 1 Oak will read this but they need to do teach their staff how to make customers feel special.

  • Bartenders Suck

    There shouldn't even be a star for this place. Their service was that bad. The bartender, Sandy, had major attitude. She's a pretty girl and perhaps she is used to getting her way outside of 1 Oak, but the facts are inside, she needs to put aside her attitude and actually treat customers like customers. These meatpacking clubs need to remember that it is US - the city folks - who don't want to put up with attitude. Check it at the door Sandy.

  • The Most Egocentric Bartenders

    Stay away from this place. I went to 1 Oak last night and had the worst time spending $150. The bartenders have no respect for people. One bartender - named Sandy - was the worst of the bunch. She was rude to my girlfriend who ordered champaign. Sandy was rude to me when I ordered two Grey Goose tonics and said ""wow, $42 for two grey gooses?"" That was all I said - more like a comment. She went to the cash register and printed out a receipt and said rudely ""there. It's $42."" Luckily for everyone on citysearch it says her name. I'm going to tell all my friends to stay away from this place. Nightlife is supposed to be an escape - not an attitude trip.

  • Fun

    Fun Fun Fun cool place, could be set up a little better, quality crowd. PS be very respectful to the door staff it will get you far!

  • A fun weeknight place

    I like going to 1Oak during the week. Sunday/Wednesday. When I've been it was always good music and a fun crowd. \r \r Seen a lot of people complain about the staff .... I haven't had a problem with any of the staff here. A friend of mine left her camera there one night when we went back to get it the next afternoon the people we spoke with were more than helpful.

  • Cool

    Cool Place

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