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*67 Wholesale Nuts, Spices, Seasoning, Candy *32 Wholesale Chocolates *Old Fashioned Candy *Rock Candy & Candy Sticks *Fancy Gift Tins Wholesale Gourmet Gifts: *Food *A gift of lasting memories *Gift packed day of shipment Corporate Gifts: *Corporate Quantities Available *Bulk Orders Available *Sweet Candy Shop *Shipping *Heat Sensitive *Heat Maps *Ship Time *Cool Shipping *Bulk Food Information & Recipes AMENITY The Cook's Thesaurus Cooking Substitutions, Helpful tips on thousands of food items with pictures. Bulk Food Information & Recipes: *Dried Fruits: Apricots, Cherries, Figs, Mango, Prunes, Raisins *Nuts: Cashews, Black Walnuts, Pine nuts Baking & Cooking Ingredients: *Agar Agar *Active Dry Yeast *Adzuki Beans *Beans *Breads *Calcium Chloride *Citric Acid *Flax *Gelatin *Hunza Diet Bread *Milk Powder *Mushrooms *Substitutions *Sugars *Tapioca *TVP *Wild Rice Nutritional Foods: *Bee Pollen *Chlorella *Creatine * Gelatin *Lacithin *Proteins *Spirulina *Vitamin C *Whey Protein *Yeast Wholesale Spices: *Spices *Black Pepper *Garlic Peppercorns *Saffron *Vanilla Candy in bulk: *Jelly Belly? *Jelly Bean Supplies *Electronic Scale ASSOCIATION Independent Reviews: *Bellaonline Review Rating: (Highest Possible) by Debra Adams BellaOnline's Holiday/Seasonal Cooking Editor * Joan and Jackie's catalog review * Review Rating (Highest Possible) by Cyndi A. the Top reviewers for online stores *Pittsburgh Tribune - Review Bulk foods as close as the home computer. * Review Rating (Highest Possible) for Lindor Balls of Chocolate

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Nuts Roasted and Salted: *Almonds *Cashews *Macadamias. Etc. *Deluxe Mixed Nuts with Peanuts *Cashew Pecans Imperial Macadamia Mix *Roasted Almonds Cinnamon Almonds *Extra Large Cashews Large Cashews *Cashew Pieces Butter Toffee Cashews *Corn Nuts? Sweet Corn Whole Macadamias *Peanuts *Pecans *Pistachios *Blanched Peanuts *Butter Toffee Peanuts *Dry Roasted Peanuts *Honey Roasted Peanuts *Low Fat Peanut Pieces *In Shell Peanuts *Redskin Peanuts *Spanish Peanuts *Roasted Pecans *Pistachio Meats *California Pistachios Natural Raw Nuts: *Almonds *Brazils *Cashews *Filberts, Etc. *Deluxe Mixed Nuts *In Shell Mixed Nuts *Natural Almonds *Sliced Almonds *Slivered Blanched Almonds *Natural Almonds *Natural Brazils *Extra Large Cashews *Large Cashews *Fancy Cashew Pieces *Filberts (Oregon Hazelnuts) *Macadamias *Pine Nuts *Pecans *Walnuts *Whole Macadamias *In Shell Peanuts *Blanched Peanuts *Redskin Peanuts *Goobers *Spanish Peanuts * Pecan Pieces *Whole Pecan Halves *Pistachio Meats *Pine Nuts (Pignolia) *English Walnuts *English Walnut Pieces *In Shell English Walnuts *Black Walnuts Roasted No Salt: *Almonds *Cashews *Macadamias *Deluxe Mixed Nuts *Almonds *Cashew Pieces *Extra Large Cashews *Large Cashews *Macadamias *Blanched Peanuts *Dry Roasted Peanuts *Peanuts *Pecans *Redskin Peanuts *Spanish Peanuts Just to name a few...

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  • 09/01/2016

    Says it's local, but it's not even in this state, much less this area code. More corporate marketing in an attempt to mis guide us :(

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    Not impressed so far. They sent the wrong items. Called to report the problem on two different days, but no one answered. No way to leave a message either. I e-mailed and have not received a response back either. This is not how good business is done.

  • 07/12/2014

    I was able to find the colors of candy I was looking for at lower prices than I had found on other sites and they delivered the next day as promised. I was thrilled! I didn't get the flat rate shipping, as my order wasn't over $75, but other than that I am very satisfied. The candy is what I ordered and in good condition.

  • 03/27/2014

    I have ordered from them twice with no problems. Most recently was late yesterday afternoon - I placed my order and now have it in hand this morning before 10:30 AM. Order is correct and candy looks to be in good condition. Prices were much better than other online candy companies and they have a $5 flat ship rate for orders over $75. Other online candy companies had much higher shipping rates and slower delivery. Thanks,!

  • user avatar

    Placed my order on the 14th, and received my receipt of payment from paypal (via the same day. On the 17th I just happened to send an email to bulkfoods to ask if I get a tracking number. They called me on the 18th to tell me I haven't paid for the order. I looked up my paypal transaction ID and called them back, then they tell me they are sorry it looks like they have received the payment. They couldn't tell me why the mess up happened, the person on the other side of the phone said it could be that paypal didn't send them the receipt. This is not my first paypal transaction, so I am assuming it was a problem on bulkfoods end. Anyways this was my first dealing with I am trying to start a business, so "quick turn around time" as falsely advertised (in my my case) is important to me. Now to see if I actually receive my order.

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  • 02/18/2013

  • 01/19/2013

  • 12/11/2012

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