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All State Van Lines Relocation

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We Move Thousands of Happy Families Yearly! Check Out our Reviews on Trust Pilot!
We Move Thousands of Happy Families Yearly!

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All State Van Lines Relocation is an elite moving broker than can take care all of your relocation needs. From help with packing, loading and unloading to providing you with an affordable, personalized moving quote. Call Us Today !

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moved all this and more in slightly more than an hour.

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moved all this and more in slightly more than an hour.

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    Edited: 01/23/2017

    Job#: 10804731-06 *The Experience* We were missing 3 boxes. One was a large picture box with a picture of my great-great grandmother. It's the only one that we have in our family... I was told by the agent that our stuff would be isolated and covered. Instead our things were crammed into the truck with another families things. I didn't want this because I fear for bedbugs etc... Boxes were severely damaged... The guy running things wouldn't allow us to go to the weigh station upon pickup. He seemed very dishonest and I'm very unhappy. I told him that we couldn't afford to pay more than we were quoted. And, if we needed to take something off, we would. He ignored us and all of a sudden our price is $300 more... Foot print was on our couch. The whole one side was soaked wet. Queen mattress was filthy and soaked all over all the way through. Mirror looked as if it were moved around. Plastic was torn off and it was broken. Desk was chipped. TV scratched... etc... *The Claim* I filled a claim almost immediately. I was told that it would be taken care of in 90 days or less. It's been 90 days, no resolution! Now, they are saying that the law gives them 120 days. WHICH ONE IS IT?! My account manager won't call me back and I feel that I have been SCAMMED. WE MOVED AT THE END OF SEPTEMBER 2014, IT'S FEBRUARY 10TH 2015 AND I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A RESOLUTION FROM MY CLAIM. I PROVIDED PICTURES AND PROOF OF EVERYTHING! I FEEL SCAMMED!!!

  • Edited: 01/23/2017

    All I can say is, "OMG!" Seriously, folks, they are a nightmare; have no earthly idea how they exist as a business. I got completely duped and am embarrassed to admit it in this public forum. However, for the first time in my life, I feel a true, civic duty to warn others. Without exaggerating in the least, they lie (repeatedly), mislead, don't return calls, and provide the worst customer-experience imaginable. They were five days late picking-up; yes, five days! On the second day, for example, I was on the phone with them and was told the driver was two hours away; he actually showed-up two days later. Dozens of unanswered calls in-between. When I booked the pick-up (weeks earlier), I was crystal-clear that I lived in downtown Seattle and a tractor-trailer would be impossible. They showed up with a tractor-trailer, which, surprisingly, could not be parked. They showed up the next day with a straight-truck...and a $200 bill they said I owned. Oh, and they had no packing materials despite me paying for this service when originally contracted. All State agreed, after two hours of arguing (literally) to split the $200 with me. Another lie; my account was never credited. There are other gory details, but don't have the stomach to relive it all. Like many of you, I have experienced the torture of Comcast customer-service. But, this outfit redefines poor customer-service; they are in a league of their own. What I can't understand is how anyone can tolerate working there. Be forewarned...stay away...STAY FAR AWAY!!

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    Edited: 01/23/2017

    Boo...ZERO stars for you, All State! Horrible service after receiving the deposit Numerous emails stating their dedication and ensuing a smooth unstressed move. Estimated pickup was 3/3-3/5...STILL WAITING FOR THE DRIVER FROM CAl VAN LINES You people have been nothing but stress. Anyone out there who might be considering this company - please contact me. I am definately not done with them yet :(

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    Edited: 01/23/2017

    I hired All State Van Lines Relocation for a move from Madison, WI to San Francisco, CA My delivery was 13 days past the contracted delivery date. My move was picked up on July 26th and sat in Chicago for 4 weeks. Upon delivery, half of my bed and an entire suitcase was missing. My dining set was completely chipped, dented, and scratched up. I also had broken dishes which were carefully packed. Customer service is completely inept. They're impossible to get a hold of, they don't call you back, and even working with management gets you nowhere. It's been 23 days since delivery, and I still cannot get a clear answer as to where my missing items are. Half of my bed is still stacked in boards against the wall. I've been offered a paltry credit for the late delivery, which in no way makes up for the failure this company has made at every step. Avoid All State Van Lines at all costs. They will take your money and run.

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    Edited: 01/23/2017

    After spending almost an hour on the phone with this moving company they gave me a quote. The gentleman was nice on the phone, but after his very persistent attitude and several guilt trips I was past the point of frustration. A few days later I received a follow up phone call (thanks). I informed the gentleman that I had chosen another moving company and I thanked him for his hard work in helping me. In response he was very rude in telling me that the company I chose was possibly illegal and that he should check it out for me. I respectfully declined and was very polite with him. He continued to push me and became more rude then hung up the phone. I got this email minutes later. Dear ____________- Just know that there are many companies out there that operate illegal. I mean if I am moving i would want to know if the company is or not. You seem to not care and thats out of my control. I wish you the best in your move. Take care Thank you, Brandon Seems pretty friendly, however, I think I'm more then capable of researching moving companies on my own. This is not good costumer service. If he is to call me again I would consider it harassment and his boss will be contacted.

  • Edited: 01/23/2017

    Even giving a 1 star rating makes me sick - DO NOT HIRE THEM. My move from NY to CA was horrendous all because of this company. Although they were super attentive prior to pick up, once they had my household goods in their possession no one cared about my move anymore. My delivery date was continuously pushed out despite the fact that I gave them ample of time to prepare to reach my targeted date (almost 3 1/2 weeks of notice as opposed to the 2 weeks that they require). I was forced to extend my temporary housing while my new apartment sat unfurnished and unused for almost 2 weeks. The customer service is a nightmare - no one will ever call you back and it takes at least a half an hour to get anyone on the phone. I basiclally ended up coordinating my own delivery, which was fine considering that the only way I could get accurate information regarding my delivery was if I talked to the carriers myself. All State provided absolutely no assistance in coordinating my move and was really just there to take my money and rip me off. In the end I ended up paying almost double what my original estimate was because my furniture was said to weigh way more than it ever could. Apparently plywood furniture is very heavy nowadays. Unfortunately I was unable to have the weight of my shipment verified because they didn't offer a re-weigh until the day of the delivery when the carrier was about an hour away. I would have had to figure out a way to leave my job and arrange transportation to a weighing station just to prove that I was being ripped off. They consider this a "convenience" that they offer their customers. Very convenient indeed. Honestly I could've driven my things cross-country myself and saved a whole lot of money, sweat, and tears. What a nightmare! I will never use this company again!

  • Unfortunately, when the movers...
    Edited: 01/23/2017

    All State Van Lines Relocation provided me with a HORRIBLE move. I moved from Charleston, SC to Tampa, FL. When I first signed up and discussed dates (pickup on 7/30-7/31; delivery on 8/1-8/11), I told the moving coordinator that I would not be available to accept a delivery until 3pm on 8/1 at the earliest. This is because I needed time to clean up the apartment I was moving out of and drive from Charleston, SC to Tampa, FL. Furthermore, I did not want to drive all night in the dark on 7/31. He said that 3pm on 8/1 as the earliest date/time was fine. When I received a call from quality assurance representative a few days before the pickup date, I again stated that I could not accept a delivery until 3pm on 8/1 at the earliest. She also said that was fine. Unfortunately, when the movers came to pick up my stuff on 7/31, 2 things negative happened. 1) The movers INCREASED my binding estimate because I had “a lot of books” which were heavy. The movers agreed that I did NOT have ANY additional boxes or items beyond what was printed on my binding estimate, but they decided to give me a new estimate and increase the price anyways because I had “a lot of books.” Needless to say, I felt very ripped off! Turns out the “binding” estimate was not actually binding! 2) The movers then told me they would deliver my stuff at 7am the next day 8/1 in Charleston. I explained that I had arranged with All State that 3pm on 8/1 was the earliest I could accept a delivery. The movers said to call All State to discuss it with the central office, but they were planning to be there at 7am the next day. The movers left, and I spoke with a representative on the phone who told me that unfortunately I had to be in Charleston at 7am the next day to accept the move, and furthermore, I would be charged a fee for every hour that the movers had to wait! Of course I freaked out, because I still had to finish packing a bunch of stuff into my car, return my Comcast cable box, and clean the apartment so I could get my security deposit back. Here is another issue: I didn’t know how much I actually owed the company because the final price was based on the actual weight of the truck. The drivers were supposed to go to a weighing station and tell the central office the weight of the truck. However, the drivers did not do this in a timely fashion. So after I packed up my car and cleaned my apartment, I was sitting in the bank for awhile, waiting for a phone call from central office to hear how much I should withdraw from the bank to put on the money order (they only accept money orders, certified funds, or cash), and the central office couldn’t tell me because they could not get in touch with the moving truck people to obtain that information. I explained that I had to leave Charleston to start driving to Tampa and I would get the money order at the bank in Tampa, but the bank wouldn’t open until 9am. The representative said okay and also said she would try to get the movers to waive the extra fee for every hour the movers had to wait for me, BUT she couldn’t guarantee it. I finally left Charleston in the late afternoon and drove through pouring rain and darkness on unfamiliar highways in order to get to Tampa in time. It was terrifying because it was pouring so hard you could barely see out the window! Many cars had their hazard lights on or had pulled over to the side of the road to wait. I only got a few hours of sleep that night at a roadside motel, and then woke up at 4:30am to continue driving. In the morning, I was at the bank in Tampa at 9am, and the central office still hadn’t told me how much $ I owed for the move! They finally told me later that morning. I got the money order, and then met the movers at my new apartment. In conclusion, I do not recommend using All State to anyone.

  • user avatar
    Edited: 01/23/2017

    Absolute Scam Artists. Make sure you meet the movers at the Dept of Weights and Measures. Their 'weights' are completely off. Recommend contacting the Federal Department of Weights and Measures to meet you and Allstate at weigh station,. 90% of the time the weight is off . The telephone number for USA Department of Weights and Measures is: 301-975-4004. It is now called NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology.. If the company has given you more quotes than you are comfortable with (more than 2) and has waited until it was too late to cancel your pick up, make that phone call and have Allstate investigated. Our price went from $2500-$2800. We prepaid $1300 on AMEX, $455.11 in cash when movers came because they can charge up to 70% of your quote up front without notice. When they arrive, they want cash or postal money orders, yet their website states you can pay using your credit card. Total rip off.. Spoke with Mike, he took the initial AMEX payment, then disappeared when we tried contacting him. 8 calls were made and not one was returned. Ashley is an honest contact, if you talk with her be nice but firm and state that you want to cut through the company bull and have her be direct with you. She is reliable. When the movers came, 1/2 of our stuff had to be thrown out due to 'weight' issues. Plus, since it's summer Allstate added 30% to the bill due to 'high amount of people moving'. Find another company.

  • Edited: 01/23/2017

    At this point... this company has made me just break down in tears. People please save your money, they little they save you isn't worth it.. Just work directly with a real moving company. ** my story** This has been our experience thus far with your company: We spoke to a gentleman with the name of: Jean-Philippe On Saturday 5/31/2014. Who assured us that our move would be picked up/started on 6/4/2014 or 6/5/2014. He happily sold us the move and people to pack up our stuff, GREAT! He then eagerly rushed us over to the reservation department, where they were more than happy to take my credit card information and withdraw $1249.40. Great! Our move is set. I was fired from my job as an apartment manager and was given the deadline of 6/6/2014 to vacate our apartment. But we are fine, the movers will be here either Wednesday or Thursday. Got a email from Samir C on 6/2/2014 letting us know he'll be taking care of us, and ensuring that we will have a great experience.. And that he would be getting a hold of us within 1 business day -- Cutting it close, but we'll take it. 6/3/2014 we call a couple times, no one bothered to call us back; and all we're told is he is working with dispatch... but no word on when I'll move will actually take place. ****NO call was made on Tuesday 6/3/2014 to even let us know the move would not take place Wednesday 6/4/2014. But why bother you already have our money, right?**** Today, we are worried.. Our time fame is getting shorter and shorter! Called Samir again, but of course he isn't at his phone -- NO surprise to us. So we call the "customer service" line. (Apparently customer service is telling people "We don't know") And we are told again that they are working with dispatch to get the move settled ... UM! The move is supposed to happen today or tomorrow?!?! I inform the girl I talked to our situation.. WE HAVE TO BE OUT OF THIS APARTMENT on Friday 06/06/2014. I ask her what about canceling the reservation so we can at least go get a uhaul... Our stuff HAS TO BE OUT 06/06/2014. She informs me that if I cancel with your time frames I will not get any of my money back..... Asked to speak to a supervisor, was placed on hold every time and had the call disconnected-- Or whoever I was talking to just refused to transfer me to a supervisor. Even had one person tell me to just email. We really don't want to cancel the movers as my husband is disabled and me moving all this stuff in a uhaul by myself will be very hard... But I really don't want to lose a life time of memories either, or household items that have taken my husband and I 11 years to acquire. We were a military family and were always on a tight budget. So now my family and I feel VERY VERY stranded and ripped off at this point. We do not have the money to just go get the uhaul right now.. Your company ate up our moving budget. You are jerking around a family of 2 little girls, a disabled veteran and one very stressed out wife. I am disgusted. Got a call minutes before "customer service" left for the night.

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    Edited: 01/23/2017

    Hi, I used your service and asked for a inter state move from Ohio to California. I was informed that my delivery date is between 28th of May till 11th of June. Now the date has been past and I am yet to receive my household goods. I am not even getting any response regarding my date when I will receive my goods. We just got our baby who is one month old and my wife delivered him with C section. I am stressing this to make you understand the terrible state we are right now. I realy dont know who can help me out here. I have been calling everyday atleast three or four times and usually I do not hear any reply from them but sometimes by chance they might respond my call. I am not even sure whether I will receive my goods. Though I saw not great reviews from Yelp, I agreed to take a chance because of my sales coordinator Mr Drexel Benson who assured me that I will get the best service. But as usual I realized its just a sales pitch and I have been fooled. I dont want to sound harsh but I never thought somebody could cheat me like this. Thanks a ton for your great service and your excellent sales pitch.

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