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(901) 730-0759


7243 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38125

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9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Mon - Sun
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Debit, All Major Credit Cards

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Price Range : Below Average

Parking: Lot

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  • user avatar

    Arrived on time and was immediately serviced. The experience went down hill from there. I have dreads and the stylist didn't wash my hair but immediately began to apply beez wax. She put so much in my hair that it looked like I dyed my hair grey. Additionally, she twisted my dreads so tight that I thought that my locks would fall out. I won't go back. Affordable service but just not quality.

  • eh

    I made an appointment for a sew in. My stylist was an hour late and talked on the phone constantly. Overall, she was quick and neat.

  • The Best
    user avatar

    They are the best I go to no other Africans. I wanted some Goddess Braids and it was 11 at night I stop by because the light was on and they were willing to do my hair even though they were closed. My micros or whatever I get done with weave they are the ones to hook up me up. It doesnt take them all day 5 hours the max 4 micros and it was only one on my head

  • I really want some micros or s...
    user avatar

    I really want some micros or some kinky twists is this place a good place to go. I don'tstay in memphis I will be driving 2 hours and want to go to the best place.

  • Omg, I will never ever in my l...

    Omg, I will never ever in my life come back here again. I was so frustrated I wanted to just cry. The women here were very rude and nonchalant. My first time I went here I got micro braids. I called 2 days before to set up an appointment for Saturday. The women who answered the phone said that I could come at 9am on Saturday and that it would take 4 to 5 hrs. I was happy with this because I had a church sing out to go to that evening at 7pm..UMM DIDN"T MAKE IT ON TIME BY THE WAY.... When I got to the place that Saturday morning, there were 10 or more women waiting outside in their cars. I went up to the door to see that they weren't even opened. 30 minutes later, 2 women come to open the store and all 10 women "including me" go inside. We all had to wait for the other employees to get there and on top of that there was a woman on my head which was EXTREMELY SLOW...LADIES PLEASE LET YOUR EMPLOYEES GO THROUGH SOME TRAINING BECAUSE NOBODY HAS TIME TO BE A TEST DUMMY.... From time to time they tried to put 2 women on my head, but since there were so many others , this was impossible. I didn't leave until 7:30pm. I WAS FURIOUS. 9 HOURSSSSS....I COULD'VE GONE TO THE HOOD AND LET A 17 YR OLD GIRL DO MY MICROS IN 6 HRS. LIKE FORREAL??? LADIES PLEASE TAKE THE TIME AND BUY A ORGANIZER TO PUT ALL OF YOUR APPOINTMENTS IN BECAUSE IN THE CORPORATE WORLD THIS GETS BUSINESSES ORGANIZED, SATISFIED CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND THIS ALSO BRINGS MONEY. BUT ...You will never get my money again..there is an african brainding shop right around the corner from you all which I will now turn to. Another thing, All of you speak English so try talking to your clients more instead of speaking your language the entire 4 to 9 hrs you are doing any HUMAN BEINGS hair. I know you don't care, but no body wants to listen to a language they don't understand while being frustrated in a chair for 9 hrs. GET IT TOGETHER OR CLOSE YOUR SHOP DOWN!!!!!!

  • I had my hair braided for the ...

    I had my hair braided for the first time last year...twice by this place and each time they were beyond late for my scheduled appointments. The first time I did the $180 braids. After a couple of days I did lose several braids around the edges. Being new to getting my hair braided I thought this was normal. I washed my hair a couple of weeks after that, and again more braids came out. Again, nothing too, too major and I thought it was "normal". The next time I got my hair braided I tried the $200 micros. The same thing happened, but this time it was a lot harsher on my edges and I lost a lot more braids. Therefore, I took a break from this to get my edges back healthy, because they were in horrible shape after that. Someone told me about the tree braids and how much better they are on your hair. So I tried this, called to get a price and the lady that answers the phone all the time said $130, at first I did not understand her clearly because of the heavy accent. She then said one-three-oh...$130 for the tree braids. Made my appointment. Got there for my 9:00 appointment and waited close to an hour and half for the girl to show up that does the tree braids! She finally finished and I got ready to pay the $130...she said no she always charges $180....I did not want to argue and told her what the lady told me on the phone and how she even said the number by number. I don't mind paying, but I also don't like being called a liar! Anyway, paid that amount...not even two day's later as I was styling my hair, a clump of the hair came out in the back. My sister in town just put her hand over her mouth. I went up there that Saturday morning for the girl to fix it, she said could i come back another time like on Monday! WHAT?!? I just paid $180 and my hair is coming out not even two days later and you could not give the courtesy to stop and fix it then? She even said, well that normal it's going to come out, you can't even tell since you have a lot of hair...WTH. Needless to say I did not go back due to the sake of time, lack of customer service and I was a loyal customer. Over the next several days and weeks, more hair continued to come out, I ended up taking it out about two weeks later. I tried another place, had them take it out and tried their micro braids. I am beyond satifisfied with this new place, it has been two weeks since I had the braids from the NEW place that I will be going to from now on, and I have not lost not one braid -- even after washing my hair! My edges are not stressed and they were so beyond friendly and very knowledgeable about their craft.

  • Fantastic! Really nice braide...
    user avatar

    Fantastic! Really nice braiders..we talked the whole time. Perfectly neat kinky twists with fair price. Really happy! This will be my go to shop in the future!




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