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1640 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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9:00 pm - 2:00 am

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The Marketing Division is a lifestyle marketing and brand development company keenly in tune with the culture of today’s key in?uencers. In working with a staff of young brand advocates, they effectively create awareness to help build brands and set the foundation for companies to meet their long-term marketing goals.

A new generation of pop culture has brought street art great popularity and created a culture all of its own. All walks of life are beginning to enjoy this new culture and see this type of art in a new light as it becomes more mainstream every day. This will be Hollywoods premier art destination filled with new upcoming and world known artists.

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    By far the worst club i've every been to, i've been to almost every club in hollywood. This one was theee worst! Nothing but low class...rachet people...old fat girls...disgusting thirsty guys....everyone in there obviously has the worst credit. The sercurity is wayy to strict and rude....we bought a table paid over 700 for everything and some guy named rick kicked out half our table just because they werent wearing enough clothes.when they were wearing what the go go dancers were wearing. PatheTIC. club DONT EVER GO HERE IF YOUR TRYING TO GET TURNT UP


    Bob Sinclar is a worldwide renown DJ known for many hits such as ""World hold on"" and ""Love Generation"" to name a few. Check out his website for tour dates and you will see that this event is legitimate. Tickets bought at the door will be $100. So purchase your tickets before hand. For tickets please contact me at mwirless123@yahoo(dot)com or on facebook at Sebastian Moradi. Regards, Sebastian Ent.

  • naaaah

    Formerly Tokio Lounge which I thought was a hole in the wall, well after it became Ecco, the hole got much smaller and darker. Normally when club promoters opens a club they will stop promoting. Well the owner of this venues did not, in fact he spends more time promoting other venues than he does promoting this spot... I've never liked any of the promotion team and there has been alot. The owner changes promotion team so frequent its impossible to keep up. The spot fell from grace super fast. I went there several times and never liked the venue. I think developed claustrophobia because of this spot even though I normally like small venues. Its a small venue designed like a big venue.... nothing about it says super club or intimate and exclusive, its almost like being stuck in the middle of no where. Its one of the places I would avoid. New clubs opens in Hollywood all the time. To find the best option for you, check out my website - www evitaparties com. eVita Parties provides Hollywood Guest List to Hollywood Clubs & Los Angeles Events.

  • !!!

    fun place!

  • Your Guest List Girl

    Ecco is always a good time and even though it's been around for a bit now, their weeknight events are great! The last 2 times I've went, they had huge DJs spinning.

  • Super Hot and Sexy

    Exclusive and Upscale. email paradiseguestlists@gmail. com to get onto the guest list!

  • Maxim Party

    I was lucky enough to get into the Maxim party at Ecco a few days ago! Ecco was the perfect space for this type of crowd! The only downfall was that it was extremely crowded.. mostly with middle age men following around the models! It was easy to forget the tightly packed walls with the amazing cocktail menu they were offering... I stuck with ""The Perk"" this combination of TyKu and strawberry guava... so delicious. I wish they offered that one more often!

  • Ecco Monday and Saturday Nights

    Very exclusive club in the heart of Hollywood. Great venue, very nice, special celebrity appearances every week. Email me for Monday and Saturday night guest list, jorgejimenez83@gmailcom. Very mixed and diverse crowd, some of the hottest people in LA come to this club so dress to impress. For guest list details feel free to email me.

  • Ecco Lounge Discriminates!

    Ok, so our promoter had been comminicating for a week with Ecco Lounge so that Thai Tv can come down and do a mini shoot there on a Saturday night. We were going to do a few interviews and promo the club, all was confirmed through e-mail. We got there early to set up in the patio. All was fine and dandy til bout 10ish when we found out that we had 15 people in line that they would not let in. We heard the Ecco employee say they only want ""beautiful"" people in the club. Not only that, but our promoter went to talk to the owner and i was told that they would not let our people in because it's too Asian. Really?!?! They told our crew we had to pack up, which we did, thinking we could stay but they said we had to leave and let us out through the back patio door into the alley. \r I have never felt so low before in my life! Not only did we take the 15 people with us but there were another 30 that came that night. So Ecco turned away 50 customers because we were too Asian and not beautiful to fit their Eco friendly club!\r This is 2009.... People still discriminate because of race in Los Angeles?

  • Disturbing place

    It?s a shame that a first ?Eco friendly lounge? is the most unfriendliness place in our City! As soon as I walked up to the line, Jan (the clipboard puppet) literally told me that normally she would not let half of these people in, mind you everyone was dressed perfect, and so she was saying that based on their looks. (Do the owners know that they will get sued for their employees talking that way?)It?s not my concern that the woman ( Jan ) is pushing forty and running around checking names of a clipboard and talking to people the way that she does makes her feel some what important for a split second, perhaps she needs that. I can care less about who she deals with, a costumer is a costumer.I know that?s how the owners feel; anyone who?s paying $ 1,900 to be in their club deserves the same, if not more respect as a celebrity who?s getting everything for free.The owners should be aware of what?s going on in their club and that the people who come in and especially the ones who are spending such large amount of money in this disturbing economy, have a descent time. In addition the owners should know that they are getting robed by the people who ?run? the door. They charged two of our friends $150 each just to get in, as far as I?m concerned, it?s against the law! Who is this money going to and why? Instead of respecting the fact that it was someone?s birthday and try to make their experience pleasant, Jan was as rude as a person could be to a birthday girl, who approached her with respect, there is a HUGE LACK OF HUMANITY at ECCO. I understand it?s a ?hot place? for time being anyway, Iknow they?re job is to keep it that way, but have some dignity while you?re at it.People please stay away from ECCOand don?t contribute the most discriminating place I have ever been to. ECCO takes advantage of they?re clients, they will rip you off by asking you to buy a $ 500 bottle per every two people getting in, and attempt to make you feel terrible while they are at it.

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