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62 Gorton Ave, Hilton, NY 14468

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2:30 am - 5:00 pm
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  • 04/19/2015

    They hardly answer their phone. I tried calling several times over several days to make arrangements to bring my cat there. They never picked up. I decided to go down during their business hours and they were sitting outside on a porch. They turned me away before I even had a chance to ask them about taking my cat. Meanwhile I could swear I heard the phone ringing and no one got up to answer it. This old woman was very rude. I'm not sure if she is the owner or just an employee but she should not be working with people or animals. She was unsympathetic that I had to give up my cat due to my husband's allergies. She suggested I take the cat elsewhere without even giving me a reason. I understand no-kill animal shelters probably fill up fast, but there was no need for her to be so rude. And they need to answer their phones. It would have saved me a drive all the way out there.

  • 04/18/2015

    Not a positive experience. Staff was indifferent to my feelings about having to give up my cat. I moved to South Carolina and needed to leave my cat behind. They suggested I either take the cat to the vet or to the humane society. Either way my cat would be put down. I took her there due to their no kill policy. But they were rude and uncaring.

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    Unprofessional. They say they take pets but they have never taken any of mine or any of my friends. They tell you to take your animal to the vet to put it to sleep. Not ok.

  • 04/18/2015

    Worst animal shelter ever. I have tried to take my pets there a few times and they have always refused. They were not nice and one older lady even suggested I put my cat down. I took my cat there because I didn't want to run the risk of taking her to Lollipop Farm and having her put to sleep. But they wouldn't not take her. This was the second time I had tried to take a pet there and no luck. Not nice people either.

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    Terrible. They are cruel and refused to take my cat when I moved. They suggested I put my cat to sleep. So much for them believing in a no-kill policy. Hypocrites. And they never answer their phone so I took my cat on my way to work and they refused to let me keep the cat there for a few hours. They suggested I leave the cat in my car in the heat for 8 hours. They are sick. I do not recommend.

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    I wouldn't even give them one star. They are horrible. They advertise that they are a no kill animal shelter and they refused to take my cat. They told me to take the cat and have her put down because they wouldn't take her. 4 of my friends have tried to take cats and kittens there and they have refused every single one of them. Worst shelter ever!!! Hypocrites.

  • Good Experience, Sweet Kitty

    We got our cat here in Sept. of 2013. The workers were doing a great job of taking care of the cats. My son picked a 3-year-old cat. She was in great shape. We looked at ALL the cats and we didn't see any that were unhealthy. I am so glad we went there. She is an awesome cat and we would definitely recommend the shelter to someone looking for a new cat or kitten.

  • 01/14/2013

    DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DO NOT BACK THEIR SHELTER WITH YOU GETTING A HEALTHY CAT!sick cats for money. I walked in and it smelled so bad. No place to sit and visit your possible kitty. just sit on the floor. There is a huge kitty go potty pan of course there in your face to smell at your pleasure. 1 for about 20 cats. I don't know which of the ladies waited on me, but she was nice, and at least told me the babies aren't available because of upper respiratory infection.MY KITTY GOT HOME -HE WAS WHEEZING, COULDN'T MEOW, NOSE ACTUALLY DRIPPING AND HIS BREATH WAS SO BAD. HE DEF. HAS A PROBLEM. THAT WON'T GET FIXED UNLESS I RETURN THE CAT BACK TO THEIR OWNERSHIP. NO WAY WILL I DO THAT TO THIS KITTY. NOT THERE! IT SERIOUSLY JUST NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN- WILL BE CONTACTING THE AUTHORITIES FOR AN INSPECTION OF THIS PLACE. I FEEL SORRY FOR THESE KITTIES. HE ALSO STUNK LIKE A BARN-HAD TO WASH HIM UP. PLEASE DON'T GET A KITTY FROM HERE UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO PAY AT THE VET RIGHT AWAY. Fortunately what I did with my kitty is actually rescue it from the "resu

  • 01/14/2013

  • A Non-Profit Animal Shelter Specializing in caring for and adopting out cats.

    A great place to adopt a cat! Very clean. Caring volunteers. Cats are well cared for.\r If looking for a cat or kitten, please visit there LARGE selection of beautiful cats. There are many to choose from..\r I got a great one! You can too.


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