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(773) 784-0893


4614 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

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Phone: (773) 769-3999

Primary Phone: (773) 769-3999

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Screen Count: 4

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Master Card, Amex, Visa

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Parking: Street

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Added on 08/23/2014

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  • never have I been so uncomfortable

    worst experience of my life. My back was sore for two weeks. The seats were full of loose springs and chewing gum covered the floor. Never again. If you are going to go make sure and bring a pillow.

  • avoid mega theater crowds, prices & charecterless feel

    great place to see a movie, in the neighborhood, cozy seats, great ambiance, easy street parking, great restaurants walking distance. True-could use a cleaning, but it's so dark in there, who can tell?

  • needs a good cleaning

    i love the Davis theater just because its close by our house but i hate the fact that they let it get so dirty and so dingy looking. some new carpet in the theater part and a good bleaching of the floors in the bathrooms would pick this place up considerably.

  • What customer service?

    The Davis is a big part of why we live in Lincoln Square, but we were treated very poorly there today. A movie that was advertised to start at 5:10pm was started 10 minutes early and no announcement was made. The youngster behind the ticket booth said, ""Well it only started a few minutes early..."" There was no appology for the dozen folks who missed the beginning of the film and no attempt to re-start it at the begining, at the advertised time. At least they refunded our money without argument.

  • Don't change a thing

    The Davis is charming as is. No, it is not a multiplex with stadium seating - if that is what you are interested in please don't come here! I liked it better when it truly was an art film theater, but considering the change in the neighborhood, it's no big surprise. Part of the fun is avoiding the broken seats. And it is a million times better than 3-Penny! I love it.

  • neighborhood joint, not destination

    a great little neighborhood theater with usually a good selection of movies. it is a little run-down and can stand a refurbishing, and the screens are a little small if you're used to the megaplex, stadium seating type of experience. but the ticket prices (for Chicago) can't be beat, and the people who patronize it are genuine movie lovers.

  • Great place

    I think this place is great. It is in the neighborhood, plenty of widowshopping, people watching and it has a great resturant right next door. I love the idea that is has first run shows. And they still have reduced prices if you go early!!!

  • Needs refurbishing

    As a Lincoln Square resident, I love the Davis Theater--it's beautiful--but I don't really like seeing movies there, because it's become kind of a dump. It's in serious need of renovation. When you've got brand-spankin' new spots like the Landmark, with stadium-seating etc., it just make worn-down, raggedy places like this look even sadder. To the management: Fix this place up, and the people will come!


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