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The Vet Clinic

5617 N High St, Worthington, OH 43085
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  • 05/25/2013

    We've been taking our dogs (pet chow chows) to The Vet Clinic for 26-27(?) years as of 2013. Can't say enough great things about the staff and care. Friendly. Accommodating. Very caring. Knowledgable. Expert. Professional. We now live in Radnor - far away - but will go nowhere else.

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  • I have been bringing my pets h...
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    I have been bringing my pets here since the late 70's (I think). I wouldn't think of taking them anywhere else. The care they get is excellent and the staff is great.

  • Vet Clinic has been my vet for...

    Vet Clinic has been my vet for 20 years, treating both cats and dogs of mine, some with health issues and others perfectly healthy. They have always been kind and loving to my animals, aware of my needs and desires for my pets' health, and on top of the latest treatments. I do not hesitate to drive the 30 minutes to their office now that I've moved even though I pass several other vets on the way because I know my animals will be lovingly taken care of and I will not be charged beyond my means.

  • Not my Vet Anymore!

    My German Shepherd went there. I was never quite pleased due to the Vets' fear and treatment. No matter what I said they did not believe my dog had never bit anyone but he liked to growl talk. So I continued to take the almost rude treatment. He had lost his balance THREE times I took him back to ask what was wrong with him. Inane answers, its hot, he's a big dog etc etc UNTIL I went to pick up an anti-seizure drug at SBH, especially made for him. He needed help getting up and walking we had to hold his tail so he could balance. Ran it by the SBH Pharmacist who said he was being over medicated! He had been given two anti-seizure drugs!. I went home and backed him off the Phenobarb. Within 4 days he was back to being the great GSD that I had known. AND CHANGED VETS! Also no matter how much I told them how he had been horribly treated at MedVet they continued to recommend that place. I eventually found that MED VETs had done an extremely poor surgery by a beginner surgeon when he needed an Orthopedic Surgeon on his broken leg leaving a life-long limp with pain. If I could find it had been done wrong they could have too with less effort than I needed. DO NOT Take an animal to Med Vet. Vet Clinic does not like large animals.nor will they support them you need it. No loyalty at this place. Their old place had extremely cramped boarding arrangements. See the arrangements before you leave your animal here.


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