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Animal Care Clinics: Annehurst Hospital

25 Collegeview Rd, Westerville, OH 43081
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7:00 am - 9:00 pm
(614) 882-4728Directions★ Review



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  • I'm very happy with Annehurst
    by  on 04/10/2012

    My husband & I take all three of our dogs to Annehurst. We use regular vet treatments and have used the doggie day care as well. We have had very good luck with this vet. They were supporting and emphathetic when we lost one of our dogs to mast cell tumors. I think it's important that pet owners get involved in the process and take the lead in responsibility for their pets. I'm less concerned with staff manners and more concerned with the quality of care. I can imagine that if someone was rude, I would ask for an owner or office manager. We have used the doggie daycare to socialize our young dogs with other people, the environment and other dogs in a controlled setting and we have had very good results. As a business owner, I would imagine that the staff would employ some younger help. I can't envision hiring grad students for this work. I hope you'll give them a try.

  • Bad Experience
    by  on 01/22/2012

    I would not recomend this place for day care for your dog. They use kids to walk your pet and let them out during the day. I have a 9 month old puppy that I left there. One of the kids they use to care for the animals was afraid of my dog because he grabbed his sleeve. Puppies do this, he grabs my sleeve at least three times a day. He sat in a cage all day ignored and wasn't taken out once that day. When I came to pick him up, he had no water or water bowl in his cage. I was later told that they don't allow dogs in day care that are not fixed and they didn't want my dog back until he was fixed and trained. Fair enough. Why then did they take the dog in for two weeks when I stated to them he was not neutered when we signed up. I fully intend to get my dog neutered, but will do this once I get home and am able to take care of him for a couple weeks following the surgery. If you want a kid to take care of your dog, hire the kid next door to let them out and feed them. At least it will be a kid you know and trust. If you want an experienced staff to take care of your pet while you are at work, take your dog or cat to day care that has an experienced trained staff. Nothing against kids doing this task, but please offer them a little training in how to reconize between a dog playing and a dog attacking. My dog has never been mean to anyone.

    by  on 04/24/2011

    i have been a client of Dr. Harris and Annehurst Veterinary Hospital since the beginning. Whether it's a wellness appointment or something much more serious (like cancer), the doctors and staff have always been caring and compassionate. The well-being of my pet is upper most, but the kindness shown to me has always been appreciated. It's comforting to know I can reach one of the doctors at any time - day or night. Annehurst offers many services not available at other places, which is saving me time and money. I have complete trust in the Doctors and staff. I feel my pets (past, current, and future) receive the best possible care.

    by  on 03/30/2011

    I went to Annehurst for years and was a satisfied customer. Then made excuses for years and I finally gave up. I'll never go back. Phone calls never returned! Waiting for up to an hour past my appointment time! Services performed that were not authorized! Quote one price, charged another which is always higher! Staff won't look you in the eye! Always too busy! Felt like I was lied to on several occasions just to placate me. Noting more than a number when I used to feel like a valued client. Way to big for their ability to manage. I have found smaller clinic where the prices are reasonable and I don't feel like the vet would rather be someplace else.

  • way too big for their britches
    by  on 05/28/2010

    Mark Harris USED to have a very nice small practice. He knew every patient ... and he did care. Then he decided to go big, expand & build and he added all kinds of staff. Kiss all that was good good-bye. Simply too many people not knowing what the others were doing and it immediately lost all sense of 'family'. Some vet practices can adjust to such growth. This one failed.

  • Doggy's Dream Vet
    by  on 11/01/2007

    I couldn't ask for a better vet. All dr.'s and techs are highly skilled as well as gentle and loving with the animals. My normally skittish dog actually likes going!


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