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Wunderbar's Pet Hotel

695 N Gate Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 588-7599Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Mon-Fri 8:30am - 12pm: 3pm-5pm, Sat closed, Sun 5pm-7pm

General Info

*Boarding Dogs & Cats *Family Owned & Operated Since 1980
Where your pet love's to stay!

Payment Methods



*Large Indoor Doggie Suites *Separate Kitty Penthouses Room Rates Include: *Meals, Playtime & Treat Time *Special Care for Older Pets *Heated & Air Conditioned *Monitored for Fire *Hotel Staff on Call 24 Hrs *Veterinarian Recommended


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  • I am very happy leaving my dog...
    by  on 10/03/2012

    I am very happy leaving my dog at Wunderbar's she usually has a problem being away from me and attempts to chew her way out but was fine at Wunderbar. I will take her back and reccomend them to anyone.

  • I recently took a tour and I d...
    by  on 07/17/2012

    I recently took a tour and I did notice it was clean but the planters outside were over grown and not taken care of. the office seemed dull and boring compared to the other kennels I toured right when u walk in your slapped in the face with this huge sign of rules. when I saw were my dog would be staying I noticed a huge chunk of paint missing off the wall. the play yard was nice but there was things that caught my eye side of a building was rotten away. it's just not kept up as the other kennels I saw.

  • My dogs have been going to Wun...
    by  on 01/25/2012

    My dogs have been going to Wunderbar for years. They love it there and I can absolutely trust that Mindy and all at Wunderbar will do a great job taking care of the dogs while I'm away. I can't recommend them more.

  • Baths suck!! Don't waste your $
    by  on 09/01/2011

    I asked for my dog to get a bath during his weekend stay. He was still dirty smelled horrible. When he came home he has horrendous diarrhea they must of not fed his diet bc I got alot of food back and I made sure he had the right amount for his stay! Not returning!

  • Our entire family can never th...
    by  on 07/21/2011

    Our entire family can never thank Mindy, her daughter and staff enough for what she did for our family while our two loving and amazing dogs were at the hotel while we were on vacation for 3-weeks in Spain and Portugal. Due to some unforseen cirmcustamces we were in transit for over 24-hours and when we arrived at our destination we discovered that Mindy was frantically trying to reach us because Sasha fell ill. Mindy and her daughter took on the responsibility of caring for Sasha in the same way that we would have done -- with love and respect. It came as a complete surprise to us that Sasha had a cancer which was on her heart and had spread to her spleen, she was in the last stages of the diseases and had to be put to rest. Our biggest regret is that we were not able to be with her in her last moments but the wonderful thing is that Mindy took it upon herself to be with Sasha and to make sure that she didn't suffer and rested peacefully. God bless them and thanks so much.

  • Great stay at the right price
    by  on 01/19/2011

    My two dogs recently stayed at Wudnerbar's. I was really pleased with the front staff (Mindy is so friendly!). The large run was a great space for my dogs and it was heated, which turned out to be very important as the temperature dropped. There was a small, but useful play area for the dogs and they were given time to play with a staff member every day. All of this for $43/day (total for both pets)! I was able to email Mindy when my flight was cancelled, and she got in touch right away even though it was after business hours! I have to drive a half hour out of my way to get to this place, but it's worth it, especially for a long stay. --Tell them Lucy and Kaya sent you!

  • Best Doggie Hotel Ever!!!
    by  on 10/20/2010

    When we decided to get a dog 7 years ago, my husband and I decided that we weren't going to change our lifestyle for our Sadie but that we would find the perfect place for her to live when she couldn't be with us!!! Wunderbar's is that perfect doggie home away from home for our Sadie!!!! She love going there. Everyone who works there is kind and gentle with Sadie and I feel like they really love her as much as I do. Friends have offered to watch Sadie for us when we go away but I feel better knowing that she will be cared for by dog experts and she will be safe and secure. So if you are looking for a great doggie hotel Wunderbar's Pet Hotel is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wonderful vacation for us and Jamie
    by  on 09/27/2010

    Our scottish terrier, Jamie, had visited Wunderbar for a day and an overnight before we left him for a long stay while we went on vacation. Our experience has been excellent each time and Jamie loved it, too! The staff is attentive and the facilties are clean and well-run. Each dog is taken out for playtimes and grooming, bathing and teeth cleaning are available and staff give them a lot of attention. An additional plus is while on vacation, we received regular e-mails from Jamie telling us how much fun he was having, what the weather was like and how much he looked forward to our return! That was great because it relieved us of worrying about him while away. I would recommend Wunderbar to anyone who wants a perfect place for their dog to stay and have his/her own vacation!

  • Neglect, it's what they do best
    by  on 09/15/2010

    Last week we picked up our two dogs. We had paid for them both to be brushed three times during their stay. Obviously, this had never happened. I was horrified to find one of them with her entire back end matted and knotted. Her hair was stuck together with something. Wood chips were stuck in that. We complained and were told that she had very recently developed a hot spot and that was the result of our other dog licking it. What?? First, she has never had hot spots. Secondly, this didn't just recently happen. We had received an email a couple days earlier saying all was fine with them. I guess, no sign of a hot spot then. When I took her home it took me most of the day to soften what was layers of dried blood and puss that stuck her fur together so thoroughly I could not even immediately cut into it. I had to shave and trim a bare spot onto my long haired dog seven inches square. She was covered in a rash, scabs and two large stinking pus filled sores. The larger one is about 3 inches by two. It had a great deal of greenish pus oozing from it. This was not a recent problem. My only guess is that feeling stressed about being left at the kennel my dog took to chewing on herself. And was simply left to do as much damage as she could in her stay. My other dog, simply trying to help or drawn to the blood she was oozing, made it that much worse. Why were they so neglected? Why could no one try to stop her? Deter her? Keep them both from harming her further? Why was there no attempt at brushing that out and tending to an open wound? Why was she left to fester and become infected? Taking care of other people's pets is the damn job! That's the business. That would include tending to any illness or injury or preventing a pet from creating an injury. I'm not even concerned with the fact that they should have returned extra food and that they were so lazy they didn't bother to rinse out our food containers. It is their lack of concern that they have taken on the responsibility of taking care of another living being, someone that is loved by a family and they chose to act with such disregard for that creature and those that love her. At the time we could only ascertain that she was not brushed as promised. We were told that they would send a check for the amount of money we paid for the brushing if we felt it did not actually happen. We have not received a check.

  • Best Camp I have ever attended
    by  on 06/05/2010

    I went to other camps as a puppy but enjoy Wunderbars the best! I went to camp there for over 16 years and was always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. I never minded staying there when my parents went on a trip. Even in my old age I enjoyed my camps stays. There is no other place to stay than Wundebars! It is GRRRRRRRREAT! Bugsy

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