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Restaurant Kunio

94-177 Lumiaina Street, #2-G, Waipahu, HI 96797
Japanese, Asian, Sushi
Open Now
10:30 am - 10:00 pm
(808) 680-9188Directions★ Review



Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
10:30 am - 10:00 pm

General Info

Tired of cooking every night and can't think of any new dishes to whip up? Take a night off and bring your loved ones to Restaurant Kunio. We are a family-friendly restaurant so your entire family is welcome! If you love Japanese food and fresh fish, Restaurant Kunio is the place to go. We have lunch specials available to order. Be sure to try our famous Funamori boat it's tons of fun for everyone, and delicious too! Why be wrapped up in the constraints of set sushi entrees? At Restaurant Kunio, we have an a la carte sushi menu so you can pick and choose your favorite types of sushi to eat. We have everything from fish to sea urchin and eel! Restaurant Kunio offers the best Japanese cuisine in all of Hawaii. We're open all week from Monday to Sunday! Tuna sushi is a popular type of sushi, known for its characteristic of dark redness. If you've never had sushi before, this is a great place to start. It's popular for a reason! If you don't really like fish but still enjoy sushi, California rolls are a good choice. They are filled with avocado, cucumber, and synthetic crab meat. These are also very popular! Take a break from cooking tonight. Bring the entire family out! For the freshest sushi and sashimi on the island, come to Restaurant Kunio. Don't forget to try our famous Funamori boat!

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  • Great food!!
    by  on 11/16/2011

    I know I wasnt walking into a 5star restaurant. The food was awesome!! I think sometimes you just gotta put up with some small incoveniences for the mouth watering food.

  • Nice location without the hust...
    by  on 11/14/2009

    Nice location without the hustle and bustle...friendly staff

  • old time fan!
    by  on 04/14/2008

    Kunio is one of my favorite places to go out to dinner. the staff is very nice and always helpful. Having worked at a Zippys, and at other restaurants before graduating college I know just how difficult and inconsiderate people can be. The tables in the back cannot be moved because it is a fire hazard and HFD WILL cite a restaurant that does not allow adequate walkway room for their guest and staff. I'm sure the staff would have fought with you against it if you keep trying to force them to move them together. Some people are just very arrogant. If the restaurant says you can't do something, don't grumble just dont do it! DUH! that is how you get your food spat in! :p Actually highly doubt the workers would have time to sp*t in your food if you made them mad because they are always running around and are always busy. But keep in mind commng from a Zippys spitting in food very minimal to what a waitress could do. but never mind my ramble about my past as a waitress. I still love eating at Kunio!

  • Don't Bring More Than 4!
    by  on 02/18/2008

    We waited for 45 Minutes to be seated, went into the back room and move the tables together to sit next to our guests... we were forced to move them apart (or wait another 20 minutes after being seated) to sit together.\r \r Very unimpressed by the lack of professionalism by their staff, however the food was wonderful.\r \r I would suggest this place to a party of Four, but if you're bringing a group that can't sit in a booth, go somewhere else.

  • no ka oi coffee...
    by  on 12/14/2007

    no ka oi coffee when you're on the road

  • best place!!!!
    by  on 11/20/2007

    I went recently to kunio for a family dinner and it was delicious. we got to eat a funamori boat, and there was so much food!!!! it was great service and the restaurant was beautifully decorated. the only down side to it is the wait, we waited about 45 minutes because its such a small place, the wait was worth it. we left there with full bellies. did i mention there was a sushi bar...and oooh the sushi was ono. great place to eat, too bad they dont take reservations

  • Authentic Fresh Japanese Food
    by  on 03/08/2004

    Okay, it can get crowded, even on weeknights, so just go early if you don't care for waiting! They don't do reservations unless you've got a large party. Even with the expansion it's a bit hectic and they were short on staff. But the service was still okay and the food, as always excellent. Try the Hamachi Kama, my favorite. As far as sushi, if the chef can't get it fresh, it's not served.


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