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Avis Ford

29200 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI 48034
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9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Tue - Wed
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Extra Phones

Used Cars: (248) 355-7519

QuickLane: (248) 355-7509

Service Appt: (248) 226-2580

General Info

Avis Ford, "the dealership with the heart" providing sales and service for new Ford vehicles and a variety of pre-owned vehicles for over 60 years!At Avis Ford you will come across our large selection of the newest Ford models and a wide array of used cars. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, receive auto financing, service, parts or need a Collision Center. We are here for all your automotive needs.
"The Dealership with the heart!"

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Saturday,Sales, Parts, Service,100% Satisfaction Guarantee,Financing


Located on the corner of Telegraph and 12 Mile Rd.


AVIS FORD, "the dealership with the heart" providing sales and service for new Ford's and a variety of pre-owned vehicles for over 50 years.


Certified Ford Dealer!
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    Got a used car that needs to be repaired? Don't come to Avis Ford. Almost cost us $300 for a job to be looked at and didn't even have the diagnosis correct! On top of that, couldn't admit they were wrong and offer a refund for run of the mill service. WON"T BE BACK...not even for an oil change! Try Alpha Auto Services in us back up and running.

  • 04/18/2016

    CONSUMERS, please avoid the bad credit lease with option to buy program at Avis Ford, IT'S HIGHWAY ROBBERY/RIP-OFF. You will be paying the highest interest rate for their own financial gain. You will pay nearly double the car note for their used vehicles that are not worth it. If you choose to go through Avis Ford, make sure you ask lots of questions and READ the ENTIRE CONTRACT before signing. If you do not know the ends and outs of car buying/contract negotiations, please take someone that does.

  • 02/04/2013

    ***Do not trust AVIS with your business***, the service department uses fraud to overcharge customers. In my experience with them, they made two attempts to push completely unnecessary costs into a simple repair scenario. Charges for services required: $461. Attempted charges for completely unnecessary services: Add an extra $106 (Duplicated diagnosis fee) and an extra $400 (Falsely stated that the tread depths for my tires were in red zone and replacement was needed). My 2010 Mercury Milan broke down on 11/23/2012. While driving, the engine was cutting off, then after slowing to a stop, the car tugged against itself without pushing the gas pedal. This happened a couple times while driving past Avis, and was accompanied by the transmission and maintenance lights turning on. The morning after I dropped off the vehicle, I received a call saying that they would charge one diagnosis fee to determine why the engine cut out, and ANOTHER diagnosis fee to determine why the engine light was on. My write up clearly stated that the engine light turned on at the same time the engine problem was occurring. Obviously, they are related to the same diagnosis, so only ONE fee should be charged. Secondly, they said they measured my tread depths and that all 4 tires needed replacement. I just had my check up one week ago at Midas, and all of my tread depths measured GREEN. I called them back and demanded only one diagnostic fee, and that they recheck their tread measurements. Mysteriously, the tread measurements were all within an acceptable range the second time around. It pains me that dishonorable places like this exist, but I hope this has guided you away. Spread the word to promote and reward honest businesses.

  • 02/04/2013

  • I bought my first new car from...

    I bought my first new car from Avis last week. I was kind of apprehensive about my first lease but after I talked to Frank C. the first time, he gave me a number of options and time to mull the vehicle choice over. I landed on a new Focus and it is a thing of beauty. I didn't realize until I was sitting down with finance that I qualified for a Ford incentive because I'm a recent college grad and then I got another rebate for the Focus. That extra bit of money really helped with the overall price. I never felt pushed one way or another on a specific car or lease vs. buy. All the paperwork was explained to me, even the more ordinary things that I was unfamiliar with. My experience actually at the dealership was good and my car is great. On a street full of dealerships, I'd definitely recommend Avis Ford for anyone in the market.

  • Would never go back there!!!!

    My 2001 Ford Escape was running pretty rough, I took it to Avis Ford for repair. They diagnosed it as needing #5 spark plug, coil, throttle body cleaning and 2 of the 3 catalytic converters on the car for a total of $2400. I couldn't believe that at 63k miles on the odometer that it could need that kind of repair so I paid the $90 diagnostic fee and picked up the car. After doing some research and talking to a manufacturer of converters who also questioned this diagnosis, I called a few independent shops and the Walled Lake Tuffy dealer gave me the best quote on replacements. I dropped off the car and an hour later the owner called me to tell me that it did not need any converters as the Ford dealer told me. He said that the throttle body needed cleaning, 1 spark plug, 1 coil pack, a muffler clamp and hanger and some injector cleaning would do the job. I LEFT THERE SAVING OVER $2000.00 DOLLARS! The car now runs like new! It is rare today to find a quality and honest repair shop like this, and when I called later to thank him for a great job, his reply was that he was only the order taker and that his tech was owed the credit. I find myself fortunate to have found this shop and have been telling all my friends about him. It turns out that several of them already know him and all say the same thing. Extremely disappointed with this Ford Dealer, would never go back or do any kind of business with them, I am also shopping for a new car for my wife and recently test drove Ford's new MKS and was considering leasing or purchasing it, but now have crossed it off my list. Larry


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