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Illiana Boarding & Grooming

16249 Van Dam Rd, South Holland, IL 60473
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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(866) 919-9713Directions★ Review
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Mon - Tue
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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General Info

Illiana Boarding & Grooming offers pet parents in South Holland, IL professional boarding and grooming services. With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on making your dog happy and well-behaved. If you are looking for a friendly and reliable kennel for your pet while you are away, look no further. Every pet needs individualized and special attention. At Illiana Boarding & Grooming, that is just what each of our clients get. We have a spotless boarding facility with over 255 individual dog suites and 63 feline suites. Your pet's accommodations include: • Spacious rooms • Indoor and outdoor suites for dogs • Radiant heat flooring • FM radio • Feeding and daily "housekeeping" • Night lights We pay extra attention to your pet when grooming, as many shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that can irritate or dry your pet's skin. At Illiana Boarding & Grooming, your pet will go home looking great as well as feeling great! All of our grooming services are available by daily appointment. We offer obedience training classes to help you communicate better with your pooch. Classes are 10 weeks long. If you are interested in training classes, we welcome you to sit in on a class before you sign up for the full course. We also feature a selection of pet foods and accessories. Call Illiana Boarding & Grooming today for more information or to make a reservation for your pet.
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  • When I go out of town and have...
    Posted: 6/14/2011

    This is definitely the place to take your beloved pet! When I go out of town and have to leave my dog, I take him to Illiana. Everyone at Illiana is so friendly. I never worry because I know my dog is in good hands. He gets a report card so I know what he did while he was there. I heard they pipe in music for them! Sounds more like a resort than a kennel. My experience has always been excellent. I wouldn't leave him anywhere else. Thanks Illiana for the great care!

  • My Boston Terrier was just boa...
    Posted: 6/13/2011

    My Boston Terrier was just boarded at Illiana and i was very happy with everything she came back clean and happy. She is very wild with lots of energy and always comes back tired . Thank you for doing such a good job . Until next time.

  • Illiana is the ONLY place I wo...
    Posted: 6/11/2011

    Illiana is the ONLY place I would board my dog Rocky. Rocky LOVES it there. All the people are so friendly, he gets so excited to see them all every time he goes. He is always well taken care of and I feel good about leaving him there because I know that the staff there loves him as much as I do. Recently my son was injured in Afgn. while serving with the US Marines. My husband and I stayed with him at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC, for 4 months. When I went to pick up Rocky, Bob and Grace, the owners/managers of this facility, told me that I didn't owe them a penny. They were picking up my bill as a tribute to my son for his service to our country! Wow! They are wonderful people! I HIGHLY recommend you board or groom your dog here. You will be happy- I guarantee it!!

  • pleased
    Posted: 6/11/2011

    My dog wags his tail every time we turn the corner from this place. I'm thankful for IBG

  • More than Satisfied
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/11/2011

    This place is amazing. I have boarded my dogs here for years and I highly recommend them for their service, their quality facility, and their love of my Zeke! If you want great care at a great price ..... this place is for you -- tell them Chicago Mike sent you!

  • My family and I have boarded o...
    Posted: 6/10/2011

    My family and I have boarded our dogs with Illiana since...well...forever. When I was a kid our family dogs board there. As an adult my dogs board there. We have always had the very best service and care. We loved Illiana so much that 16 years ago when my wife and I started a rescue for dogs and occasionally needed a place to keep dogs safe for short stints, Illiana was the only place we even considered. They are always willing to work with us and our rescue dogs. They have been very helpful and have helped us save the lives of many dogs. We also obedience train rescue dogs at Illiana. I would suggest Illiana to anyone. Be it for boarding, training, grooming, Illiana is a long standing fixture in local business for one reason...they are the best at what they do!

  • We love leaving our babies at ...
    Posted: 6/10/2011

    We love leaving our babies at Illiana! They are truly dog lovers! I love the report cards they give! You know just how your dog behaved, what he ate, and his personality while he was there! They are great trainers too! David, we love you!

  • This is a WONDERFUL place to l...
    Posted: 6/10/2011

    This is a WONDERFUL place to leave your pet. It is clean and the employees care. We have had our dog there many times and he comes home happy. I like the music, beds and that our dog can go outside when he wants. Thanks to the staff for taking such good care of our family member.

  • Denied Responsiblity for Disfigured Dog
    Posted: 6/28/2010

    We have boarded both of our dogs with this business for years. The last time, which was this July for 7 days, we left our English Bred Black Labrador with them. When we picked him up he had been freshly washed and a bandana covered his throat/neck area (which is what they normally do when releasing your pet). Once we got him in the car we discovered that the scarf/bandana had obviously been placed there to hide a huge de-nuded area under his neck and at his throat. The area was totally devoid of his normally thick, black coat and was bleeding, raw, and all red. The area in question was approximately five (5) square inches. The flesh looked infected and obviously had not been treated. Our dog is in serious pain and refuses to eat or drink. We determined that they (Illiana) were about to close and we were almost at home, some 10 miles away, so driving back to their location was not an option. Once we arrived at home we placed a telephone call back to the business and explained to them what we discovered and inquired as to the reason and their knowledge of his injuries. They simply denied all knowledge and declined assuming any responsiblity. Our dog, aside from the obvious emotional and sentimental value to us and our children, is now a disfigured pure-bred Labrador. Even if we wanted to stud him out, his appearence is ruined and his temperment is much changed. He is no longer playful and attentive as before we boarded him at this business. Although we have no real chance of legal recourse, we wanted to spare unknowing owners/potential customers this obvious neglect and poor/lack of attention to the welfare of the animals that they board.

  • Very Affordable
    Posted: 8/19/2008

    The facility for what I paid was okay. I will look at other places though before my dog stays there again. Staff seemed to be very friendly.


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