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South Seattle Veterinary Hospital

11033 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98168
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Open 24 Hours
(206) 455-7762Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
Open 24 Hours
Quality Veterinary Services at a Low Cost!
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1st Ave S At 110th


* Vaccinations * Spay & Neuter * Microchip ID * EKG * E-Rays * Dental * Boarding * De-Claw * Soft Tissue Surgery * Bone Surgery


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  • Posted: 3/7/2015

    This place is great, 24 hour emergency services. My cat was almost killed by a racoon and Dr. Goraya saved her life. Highly recommended!!!!

  • Great!!!
    user avatar
    Updated: 3/14/2014Posted: 7/9/2013

    This vet has very nice staff. They brought us back right away with our dog. We originally took her to vca in lynnwood and this place is much better!!! Awesome staff and veterinarian and reasonable prices! Highly recommend :)

  • My only vet
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 4/17/2012

    I have been taking my furry family members here since I moved to Seattle. I have gotten them all fixed and even had to take my cats to get declawed here. They sent home all the instuctions that we were going to need and all Meds they were to have. I have even had to make a lae night trip when my dog had a problem with her eye at 9pm. I called them in a panic and they told me to bring her right in, they fixed the problem and she came home that night. I trust the staff with all my needs for my pets. The prices are very affordible and the staff has always addressed any questions that I have asked promptly. Will stay with them as long as I have 4 legged family members

  • not open until nov. 10th
    Posted: 10/21/2011

    Other clinic is in s Seattle. Will accept coupons. number listed is not active yet. Call other clinic for more details #2062045307

  • south seattle veterinary hospi...
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 6/12/2011

    south seattle veterinary hospital has exceptional vet service & care .dr goraya & dr nagra saved life of my dog after the rupture of gall bladder misdiagnosed at banfield pet hospital .they did emergency surgery & saved my beloved one .the care was professional & serivce was excellent & price was affordable .they treat u like family & take realy good care of your pet .open 7day /24hr

  • best vet in seattle open 7 days
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 2/11/2011

    i highly recommend this vet,amazing prices ,open long hours 7 days a wk,wondergul staff.drgoraya is excellent surgeon he fixed my dog ""dukes"" both knee joints. as my dog cannot walk because he broke both cruciate ligament ,so dr goraya did sugery on both legs at same time ,duke was runnning around in 1wk,i am amazed how good he operated , i higly recommend for any bone or soft tissue surgery

  • So glad I found S. Seattle Vet Hospital
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 1/19/2011

    I am very fortunate to have found this vet hospital. Though some of the younger staff could use some more training on "animal-owner bedside-manner," and understanding the urgent care needs of animal patients in the waiting room, the doctors and experienced staff here could not be kinder or more helpful. Finding such a reliable and reasonable priced animal doctor like Dr G. is a blessing to me. He cared for my rescue chihuahua for two years. He is an excellent doctor; has an enormous work ethic-he lives in the building even; offers services for much lower prices than I have found elsewhere; and is building a wonderful business that I am happy to, and will continue to support. The rest of the reviews that say this is a good place are not wrong. When you walk in this hospital you will recognize right away that money is not thrown at showy exteriors. The place is what it is: A growing veteranary hospital run by a small, dediated team who are not gouging thier customers with high prices because animal care can demand high prices and get high prices. The doctors will give you options-including estimates for procedures, and then it's up to you to give them the go-ahead, or not, on things that might be too expensive for you. this is not glittery with expensive fixtures or fancy paintings. One thing it is, though, is a dedicated animal hospital with people who know what they're doing. They do amazing surgical procedures here really inexpensively and they are great at explaining to you what is going on, and at being patient with you. Thank you Dr. G!! I was able to afford veterinarian bills for much longer to keep my dog comfortable, healthy, and his little ticker ticking thanks to the care at S. Seattle Vet. Hospital. I'm so glad I found them from searching reviews on line of where to take my little Carlos. Sincerely, Dr. R Cogburn

  • best ,caring hospital
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 3/30/2010

    My 8 year old cat Poppy had a blockage in his Urethra and was in very very critical condition. He spent about three days at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital and i can say only great things about staff and vets over there escpecially Dr Goraya was Great. Everyone on staff was kind and generous and cared for my cat. They updated me regularly about the status of Poppy and allowed me to visit him daily.They are realy affordable & available 24 hr .i highly recommend them

  • Amazing Dr. G
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/6/2008

    I highly recommend this vet! Amazing prices and wonderful staff. Dr. G is fantastic and extremely realistic. I called various vets in the area to get my cat spayed and was quoted prices from $150 to $400. South Seattle Veterinary Hospital quoted me a price that was much more affordable and bellow the other vets' ranges. Then (!) they told me about a coupon in the Value Paks that would save me more $. One of my cats is also having two knee surgeries and the price is extremely competitive. The vet also has great hours and is open weekends and in evenings also.

  • The Great Vets in The World
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 8/22/2008

    I have one cat and she loves going to visit Dr. Singh and Dr. G. When we even say ""Dr. Singh or Dr. G? they bounce around like they are going to party or something, only they get more excited to visit him than the party!. I can't imagine my cat seeing another vet...they wont! Plus the hospital is very affordable and the whole of the staff is very friendly and caring. My cat feels like home in South Seattle Veterinary Hospital.\r Great Vets in the whole of the world!\r

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