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Godspeed Tattoo

620 S Norfolk St, San Mateo, CA 94401
Closed Now
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
(650) 558-1922DirectionsMap
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Added on 08/25/2014



Regular Hours
Tue - Sun
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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  • Excellent Tattooers!
    by  on 02/12/2008

    Everyone is Friendly, There work is awesome, The place is kept clean,they have a wonderful bathroom,You can always find a place to park (for free). Im going to keep coming back here for all my tattoo needs.

  • Best in the Bay!!!
    by  on 02/01/2008

    This place is the best!!! All of the artists are friendly and do great work! Look no further, this is the place to go for tattoos. There are no limits to what these guys are capable of.

  • Nicest Work, Friendly Service, Clean Shop
    by  on 09/05/2007

    This is not your typical tattoo shop. All 3 artists (Jason, Kevin, and Nick) do top notch work, are courteous and respectful, and the shop is clean. I would recommend Godspeed to anyone who is looking to get a tattoo. I have work from all 3 artists and I love my tattoos. The shop is very well decorated with artwork and lots of interesting things everywhere. Go to Godspeed!!

  • Great shop!
    by  on 08/17/2007

    Kevin is great! I got to him after I had an appointment at some shop in san bruno who flaked after looking forward to it for 2 weeks. I looked in the yellow pages that night and called and he told me to come on in. Great guy, no vibe at all and great work! I've got alot of tatts and besides Carl Haynes who moved away, Kevin is now my artist. All you gotta do is go in his shop and find out 4 yourself.GODSPEED!

  • Word of mouth
    by  on 02/27/2007

    1st of i have not gotten a tattoo there because best friend and my cousin both got tattoos there and they both stated that godspeed did mediocre work. They didnt strive to be the best and they did quick work, They did'nt go above and beyond to stamp there work on both there tattoos. I mean come on your a walking billboard for them and if u don't do the best job then your not the best place. Thats why i feel for the past reviews and thats why im writing a review now. Jason you must be lame for not taking the time to really help and show your artistic skills on the picture plus oh well who cares who he/she was with because thats a part of working for a business deal with it. and about my best friend she got a tattoo there and she is not thrilled about it and you helped her. i only heard good things about kevin and you should'nt be coming on here and bashing him about his spelling it just shows how unprofessinal you really are. good luck advancing!!

  • In defence of...
    by  on 02/27/2007

    In reading the comments below i defend him...because it seems the tattoo artist did not help him after the fact he showcased he did not care for the design. so in all honesty he could have just simply refused to do the tattoo and not be an a**hole about it or redrew it and be more creative and touched up the drawing. but it seems he did not care about it. so in my mind he does not care about his job and the growth of himself and the challenge to advance and turn a simple tattoo into an excellente peice of art.

  • Are You Kidding Me? Jason Is Amazing!
    by  on 02/23/2007

    First of all, Jason is an amazing artist, and person. Secondly, anyone who knows ANYTHING about tattoo artists can tell you that if they believe something is not going to look good, it's just NOT... if they end up disagreeing with a design that you keep insisting on, odds are that they will just opt not do the tattoo. Why would he want to produce a PERMANENT piece of artwork on you, when he knew that it was just going to turn out badly? Tattoo artists have the freedom to make that choice. You should've trusted in that mentality, and appreciated it, because the world is full of people who willingly pass off subpar work without any integrity period. Did you seriously even think to yourself for even a second, that maybe he just might know what he was talking about? Tattoo artists are masters of their craft. It is what they do. If you can't accept that, you obviously aren't ready for a tattoo.

  • F.T.W.
    by  on 02/23/2007

    Everyone defending a guy who wasnt ready for a tattoo is a fagg*t. If people got sh*t to say to Jason, you should go tell him in person. Im sure he'd be more than happy to collapse your larynx.


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