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Cinemark Theaters

320 2nd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401
Closed Now
9:00 am - 11:00 pm
★ Write a Review(650) 558-0512Directions



Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
9:00 am - 11:00 pm

Extra Phones

Vanity: 800-246-3627-2 exp 968

TollFree: (800) 326-3264

Toll Free: (800) 326-3264

TollFree: (800) 246-3627

General Info

Screen Count: 12


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    • good

      i love this theater,it is really good.worth going to have a look

    • Great theater!

      I love this theater! Seats are comfortable. Doesn't get too crowded. If you come on a saturday morning, you may get the theater to yourself. The junk food here does get expensive though. But if you ever get hungry, there is a yummy burrito place right next store.

    • not going there again

      My friend who is a well dressed woman in her early 50's, was told by the security guard that she had to leave. He said she was loitering. When she informed him that her friend (me) had her ticket and was just parking the car, he still told her to move off of the property! She was just quietly sitting on a bench outside the theater! I was blown away!!! I can't figure it out!?

    • Century Theater

      I was trying to find out what is playing at the Century Theater in San Mateo. Why can't you list the movies that are playing at that theater?


      WISH I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS As you know movies are getting longer these days yet most all apparent local parking to theater is limited to 2 hours. THERE IS A LOT NEARBY WHERE YOU CAN PARK MORE THAN 2 HOURS. Manager of theater (Marcelo) DOES NOT FEEL THE NEED TO POINT OUT WHERE IT IS. Catch a matinee and support the local parking cops and get yourself a parking ticket!

    • A small and quaint multiplex in Downtown San Mateo

      Since I currently live in the area soooo I think its Grreat that there is a local movie theater that happens to screen a movie I want to see I just walk up 3 blocks. Often certain movies I want to see shows up at the RWC 12 Plex or Daly City 20 instead. The 12 Plex at San Mateo is an ok place to see a movie. The staff is pretty friendly at times. Weekdays is thee best time to go. Evenings and weekends is a busy time which I am suprised for eves on weekdays?!?!? \r The parking situation there is not the greatest and driving thru downtown San Mateo can get crazy at any time of the day.

    • Century 12 San Mateo was worth the wait!

      Century 12 San Mateo is the first quality theater in San Mateo in 12 years. It has revitalized the neighborhood, and many businesses want to be located nearby because of it! It doesnt have great parking, but it is accessible by SamTrans and CalTrain (on first and main streets), so that makes it a better theater than century park 12 redwood city because of it! I would recommend going to a matinee on a weekday because it is not very crowded and youll definitely get a seat (except for star wars, or films of that popularity!)

    • A Long Cold Wait

      This place is the same as every other multiplex around. The one main drawback to this particualr theater is that they make you wait in line outside before you can get in the movie, no matter what the weather is like. So if you get there early you spend your time shivering outside for a half an hour while the ticket guy inside lets other people go in without waiting. This happens every time, if they don't reorganize their system I may stop going there.

    • looks great, but audio issues

      I was so happy to see a new theatre close to home because the next closest one in Redwood city is such a dump. The new one in San Mateo looks great inside and out. The gateway and murals were a very nice touch. My only problems were that the walls are thin between the theatres and you can quite clearly hear the movie playing next door when there's a quiet moment during your movie. Also, they only take cash and there's no ticket machines which is ridiculous. This creates lines and forces you to use the ATM before lining up again to buy the ticket. Or bring a big wad of cash if youre paying for a group.

    • Could be better...

      This new behemoth could use a little more work - the screen in theatre #6 had a dirty smear on it and the projector was a little out of focus at the beginning of the screening. There are lots of crowds so use Fandango before you arrive. The garage can get quite full at peak times so arrive early. Because this is a Century Theater, they do not accept credit cards...another drawback. The concession stand rates are high but they are well stocked. Also, the theatre only plays mainstream flicks. However, since the Century chain now owns the lovely Burlingame Theatre, it has turned that into an indie theatre; I recommend that theatregoers check out the Hyatt Theatre in Burlingame if they are looking to see something good off the beaten path as well as avoid the massive crowds at the new San Mateo theatre.

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