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IMC Academy

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9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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(408) 269-0999★ Review
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Added on 08/26/2014


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  • Posted: 10/6/2013

    A friend of mine from a while back has told me a lot about this place and how great it is and so I just had to check it out. I'm not sure if it's because YP changed its website and messed up the system, but it's kind of suspicious that all these reviews were done on the same day ( 10/1/2013) and all of the people have reviewed this place have only reviewed this business... Someone from this business maybe made all those accounts to make this place sound nice? Anyways, I just read the reviews from Yelp, kind of made me turn the other away now.

  • Top Hot Spot
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/30/2011

    This i love this place its like no other hot spot around. a place were i can really be who i am, which is very important to me. Going through a long day having to sit and listen to customers that just talks bad, is not the most pleasing thing during my day. At that moment i really want to let out some anger and just hit something! Lucky i have IMC to go to and let all of it out. Arash kickboxing class has a unique style, Ive never experienced a class full of energy, motivation and full of beautiful women (NO JOKE), that just make me want to workout even harder to look like them, as Arash gos on with the class, he tell everyone to ""let go!"", ""be yourself"", ""screw the haters"", ""feel sexy!"". all comes down how you feel. By the end of the class i feel amazing!!! Makes me want to start my day over and give the world a piece of my mind. With that STATE OF MIND help me loose 16.5 pounds and counting!!! I thank Arash and Lauren reacting my goals and making me MENTALLY stronger as a person. That feeling is priceless to me and i never got from an gym, you guys help me so much and changed my life.Thank you. Theirs a difference between with cute Walgreen's, Target, Guess bags (quality) versus Louisvuitton, Chanel, or Gucci. If you want a motivation, relief of stress, amazing work outs, results, etc. or just a overall great work out IMC is the place to go. -M.P

  • Life Changing
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/30/2011

    I have been going to IMC for about 6 years now and I as i write this i know thats words can not convey what IMC has done for me but I will do my best. :)\r \r First of all the Instructors: ALL the instructors from the martial arts for kids to the adult classes to the fitness classes are taught with Passion. You can really tell that the staff there Love what they do and love helping people. They teach with so much energy and you can really just feed off of it! \r \r The Facility: right when you walk in it is undeniable the Energy that you feel in there. it is like no other place i have ever experienced before. As you look around it is a constant reminder to Feel Good and Live with Passion.\r \r Arash: He is the owner of IMC. He is an intense guy but thats my style. I love being in an environment where you are pushed to Be the Best and nothing less. He always encourages people to look out side the box of the norm and explore new dimentions. \r \r IMC is truley an awesome place to be and until you expirience it you will never really know what everyone is talking about. Everyone is very friendly but they mean it. I feel great when I am there and i believe that because IMC I live a more fuflling life. \r

  • Best Self Defense classes
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 11/16/2008

    These have the best self defense classes in the area. well actually the best that i have ever been to. with IMC I feel confident with my fighting and ground techniques. Also I have gotten in really good shape by coming to the kickboxing classes!

  • Great for all ages
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 10/28/2008

    I am curently training at IMC Academy in the Panjo and Kickboxing Program. The owner is amazing at teaching me how to fight with my body type and weight. My mom is doing the yoga program at IMC as well. She loves it. This school is really good for kids, adults and even seniors! highly recommded.

  • great school, great training
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 10/27/2008

    i have been training at imc for about a year now and have really enjoyed my time and training at the academy. i have become friends with many of the students, parents, and instructors at the academy and cannot understand why some one would write a review like the one below. they had mentioned how they are all about the money, but i see the opposite. most schools nowadays have black belt clubs and keep their students testing even if they arent ready. if money was what they were intersted they would've started that a long time ago. i see the focus more on the quality and tradition of the art, more than anything else. heck... i'm only an orange sash after training for a year, but i feel confident in my skills and proud to wear it because i know i worked hard to earn it. anyways, just thought id put my two cents in.

  • Awesome School
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 10/27/2008

    I have been training here at IMC Academy for about 4 years and I love it! The Martial Arts programs are really good. I have actually learned how to defend my self and I have complete confidence with what I know. That is a great feeling as a female. From the kids classes to the fitness classes IMC has great quality staff and classes. Highly recomended!

  • Great Martial Arts School
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 10/12/2008

    This school is the best school I have ever been to. I have trained my self at another martial arts school and had my kids going to other schools but when I found IMC Academy I knew I found the right place. The Instructors really care about my kids and how the improve. My kids actually learn so much after every class. It has such a good vibe. The classes are awesome and I tell everyone I know to go check it out. It is really a unique school. I love that my whole family goes too.


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