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Sundance Kabuki Cinema

1881 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115
Open Now
12:30 pm - 10:15 pm
(415) 346-3243Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/24/2014



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  • My favorite Theatre in SF
    by  on 07/24/2010

    After sifting through many movie theatre reviews we chose the Sundance Kabuki Cinema in Japantown mostly because it gave us the choice to choose our seats online while we purchased our tickets. The reviews were great so we hopped on the bus and headed over for our 10:15p.m. showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The reason choosing our own seats was so important was because of the massive lines we wanted to avoid from all the crazy Harry Potter mania. It was a good choice because it was nice to sit and relax with some hot Peet's Coffee in the comfortable seating area right outside our theater instead of freezing our butts off waiting in lines that extended around an entire theater building. The seats were comfy and roomy (almost too comfy), the popcorn smelled amazing, there was a restaurant (which was closed at the time), the crowd was young, and the movie was awesome! We definitely will be coming back to this theater for our next movie.

  • I love this theater!
    by  on 03/17/2010

    I am going to start seeing all my movies at the Kabuki!\r Awesome things:\r 1) It's a really nice quality theater.\r 2) You reserve your seats in advance so you don't have to get there super early to get a good seat.\r 3) They have really high quality food, and even better, booze, that you can purchase and bring inside.\r 4) In between seats they have a table to put your stuff on.\r 5) Seats are super comfy.

  • Nice place in our heigborhood
    by  on 09/17/2008

    I always like going to that place. It's big and they have a nice bar where you can have a couple drinks before the show. The movie selection is good also. They even show foreign movies on certain days. \r The best thing that I like about that place is that it's never as crowded as the theatres in downtown.

  • Newly renovated Kabuki Theater
    by  on 02/12/2008

    The newly renovated Kabuki theater is very clean. They have put in comfortable seats and have tables in between to rest your soda, wine glass and/or snacks. It is a bonus that you can reserve your seats in the theater. They carry more non-mainstream movies and as a result a few of the theaters are very small so you need to plan ahead and reserve your seat.

  • Poor parking
    by  on 01/25/2008

    The conditions of parking make it hard but the theater is in need of an overall cleaning. Not happy with this one.

  • It's another modern movie theatre, this time in Japantown
    by  on 11/17/2006

    I've been to Kabuki several times - it's just like one of your new modern movie theatres - over-priced refreshments, standard movie seating, large amphitheatres. It does the job, and I appreciated that the bathroom was clean. Not as large as the Metreon theatres, so the size is more digestable. I was happy to see a free preview of The Fountain which, by the way, there is no need to see.


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