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The Sports Club La

747 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103
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  • I can just walk there
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/28/2009

    I used to belong to another gym nearby, but as soon as I discovered The Sports Club, I was hooked. My personal trainer, Onzo is by far one of the very best trainers I've had the great experience of learning from for a long time. Their equipment is top notch, always clean and the establishment always neat. The parking leaves something to be desired, as a matter of fact, I always hear people grumbling about it. Thankfully, I can just walk there and get an extra pre and post workout that way.

  • Good for the average person, bad for bodybuilders
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 6/2/2009

    Going in I expected to the gym to be nothing short of perfect, however, I'm very disappointed. If your the average person looking for a decent place to workout and get in/stay in shape then this place would work for you. If your a bodybuilder/powerlifter stay away. There's a fairly new Gold's Gym near by that has nearly everything. The sports club/la however has a serious lack of equipment for back workouts. Also, the equipment seems to be a bit old and from a company I believe either went under or got acquired awhile ago.

  • Amazing
    Posted: 2/10/2009

    The Sports Club/LA is the mecca of all health clubs. It has all the amenities you can ask for, and it is beyond clean. There are lots of beautiful people using the gym, and the staff is friendly. I recommend anyone serious about keeping healthy to check out the health club.

  • What more could you ask for?
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 11/22/2006

    There's all of the equipment that you could ask for at this downtown facility. You like to swim..there's a pool. You like to play basketball....there's a court. How about strength training, running, spin...the list goes on. They have it all. There's also a variety of classes too. The staff is always courteous. Hey, after your workout you can grab something to eat or even have a drink at the bar. Oh yeah...a haircut is possible and so is a massage. There's a salon and a spa on premises.

  • I've found my new inspiration!!!
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 11/16/2006

    After spending years at gyms with a HUGE shortage of ellipticals and treadmills....and even the machines available are broken or noisy.....i found my gym! Yippee!!!! I have no issue with spending twice or three times as much as other gyms when i can see where my money is going. There is a new third floor that just opened and has all new equipment and the whole gym is air conditioned....nice! All the cardio machines have their own individual television so a 45 minute cardio session just flies by. The classes have so far been absolutely excellent and are offered in tremendous abundance. i can't wait to try some pilates here! The dieticians and personal trainers look well educated and in great shape. As someone who likes to work out maybe four or five times a week i feel motivated by the lithe, healthy appearing crowd this gym seems to attract. It's a pleasant change from the contagious looking steroid freaks smoking cigarrettes outside many other places i've had memberships. I am handing out free passes to everyone i know!

  • Good, but slipping a bit
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 5/15/2006

    I joined this club when it opened because they promised they would not oversell memberships. The premium price seemed worth it to not have to wait for machines, etc. And things were great for awhile, but lately this place is way too crowded. In some group exercises, for example, the instructor can't do certain exercises because the people are too close together. On the plus side, the locker rooms are very clean, and the equipment is well maintained. For this price, though, there should be a hot tub.

  • Totally OVERSOLD...too crowded
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 4/20/2006

    This place has become completely jammed in the past few months. You can't get any piece of equipment without waiting. It is basically an expensive 24 Hour Fitness at this point. I also heard rumors that the new floor won't be open until October, and they are contunuing to sell sell sell. Its too bad, because this used to be a nice gym.

  • Best trainer I ever had - Onzo Bennett
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 4/17/2006

    I have had several good trainers over the years in different cities and Onzo is by far the best. He clearly knows what he is doing, is passionate about his work and clients, investigates what is going on with your body (many trainers seem like they have a standard progression) and makes it a lot of fun. He has made me understand my body better and enjoy working out. Last but not least, he is not high on himself. I wish I could bring him to NYC with me when I move back.

  • I like it but am looking around for better!
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 3/15/2006

    Overall it's a great club to workout. Lately I hear more and more complaints: lines for showers and being kicked off equipment by a trainer who needs it for his client. My biggest complaint is that they swear the pool temps are 81F. I know they are much colder and as someone that's not a masters swimmer, it's too darn cold. They have some teachers teach too many classes which leads to bordom in style. They have been promising a second floor addition every year for the past 4 years. I wonder if they will pull through this year.

  • Workout Heaven
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/20/2006

    For those of us whose default setting is NOT sweating - especially in public - this is a great place to go. Forget the harsh prison motif of other clubs - this place feels like a treat and keeps me coming back. For SF, this is an expensive place - perhaps the most expensive. For me, any place I like enough to go to and exercise 3-4x a week consistently - it's worth it.

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