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1550 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94131
Mediterranean, Italian, European
(415) 641-4500DirectionsMap
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Added on 04/18/2014



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  • Overall decline
    by  on 05/26/2009

    Incanto used to be a hang for me. Now they have smaller portions and it is heavily salted. The wait staff used to be spot on, now it feels like a to-go place. They used to honor the bring a bottle of wine and purchase a bottle of wine for a small group with no corkage fee. Their wine list is nice and extensive but, WAY overpriced. In addition to the corkage fee and lousy service; they add 5% on top of it all. Management was also ill-mannered. The place always being empty is a sign of its decline.

    by  on 08/11/2008

    I had been wanting to visit Incanto for quite some time. The chef has created a menu of great dishes using local and seasonal ingredients. Others complain that he serves filtered Hetch Hetchy water but I am glad he doesn't add to the recycled plastic and glass mess we already have. Each dish we had was fantastic from the Pig's trotter w' Foie Gras, Bacon & Roasted Plums to the Roasted Maitake Mushrooms we had for a side dish. Wine choices are all Italian and not familiar to most diners even if you think you know wine but corkage is reasonable and the wine picks at the end of the wine list are very good. I would recommend this place to everyone I know. I can't wait to go again because the menu changes on a regular basis so their is always new dishes to taste. By the way the best way to eat here is to share all the dishes with the tables.

  • Pretense
    by  on 02/24/2008

    I found Incanto to be OK but not great. Definitely over rated. I knew I was in for pretense when the menu stated that they served filtered Hetch Hetchy water. Any kitchen faucet in San Francisco and a Brita filter can produce filtered Hetch Hetchy water. False advertising. Pretense. San Francisco's tap water comes from Hetch Hetchy. I also found the food to be overly salty, especially the olive oil ice cream. The final insult was an added 5% kitchen service charge that was conveniently added to the check without telling the customer. I feel it is the responsibility of the restaurant to pay the kitchen help -- not the customer. The decor was pleasant. The service friendly and competent. It was overpriced and not worth it.

  • Nice dinner
    by  on 04/10/2007

    Shoot, I didn't notice this 5% charge that people below are talking about. But we had a great experience, nice friendly waiter who let me taste the wine I'd asked about (and nice glassware). Liked the bustling room and enjoyed our meal: asparagus app, pasta and pork loin plus ginger cake w/ caramel sauce and gelato for dessert. $90 for that plus 2 beers, tax and tip isn't bad.

  • Highly unpleasant expirience
    by  on 01/22/2007

    We had a reservation for a birthday party at 5:30 pm on Sunday for 11 people . At 8 pm they basically kicked us out telling that there is another party waiting for the same room. \r At first we felt like they are rushing us a bit with food. Waiters would try to take plates before we even done with the meal. Then waiter spilled wine opening a bottle (now I guess he was in rush too). They brought us a check without us asking for it. We never had some reasonable time just to drink wine and talk. All in all, we felt like we've visited some cheap chinese place for lunch. My wife and I are definitely not going back even though the food was good.

  • Bad service, 5% service charge is ridiculous, go elsewhere.
    by  on 12/23/2006

    Went to dinner with couple of friends on a Friday night. After telling the waiter twice we weren't ready to order because we wanted to check out the entire menu, the waiter did not return for 20 minutes. After finally getting his attention, he told us ""one second"" and returned 5 minutes later and said, ""Now, where were we?"" We were hungry, that's where we were. He didn't seem to care too much maybe it was because only one of us was drinking wine. Also, you don't get bread until you order like most other finer Italian restaurants. Maybe the 5% service charge (pre-tip) makes them think they don't need to FULLY earn your tip by providing excellent service. The food was decent enough but a little on the expensive side.\r \r Taking the whole experience into consideration, I would not return. There are restaurants that treat you far better and earn their full tip.

  • disappointing and tacky
    by  on 11/05/2006

    Very disappointing. The restaurant adds a 5% service charge to the bill for their staff. Very tacky - why don't they just raise their prices? Probably because they are already too high. Food was boring to bad. My crab pasta was so fishy I couldn't eat it. The waiter never even checked or noticed that my plate remained full. Same of our appetizer, which we did not eat. \r \r wine and ambiance were nice, but the overall experience was disappointing.

  • Very closed to Chez Panisse Cafe
    by  on 07/05/2006

    It's like to go to Chez Panisse cafe without the hype. Everything is good there, pasta, salad, seafood dishes. That's where i learnt to love beets: multi-color, not too sweet, tasty and not mushy. It's a place i'd go often if i could afford. The wine list is impressive. You cannot keep yourself from trying some new wines, and that make the check higher...then that makes you think twice before going.


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