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Hwa Rang Kwan Martial Arts Center

371 5th St, San Francisco, CA 94107
Open Now
12:30 am - 8:30 pm
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  • Great Workout / Friendly Instructors and Staff
    Updated: 10 days ago

    I have trained in several Martial Arts over ten years and this place is one of the best places to train and get a great workout. Very challenging, but non-competitive. They have several schools working out there including Taekwon Do, Hapkido, Kick Boxing, and Jujitsu.

  • Great work out !
    Updated: 10 days ago

    I started to train there last year. It is a GREAT WORK OUT ! You may think one hour class might be too short. Oh no ! Besides, you have a class every day except Sunday so if you can't make it, no problem you can go the following day. Both instructors are great, though very different. They'll make you sweat !

  • Great instructors with lots o' patience
    Updated: 10 days ago

    I've been attending for a few months now and while I'm not quite up to streetfighter shape, I've been having a lot of fun trying to get there. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and accomodating and the location has plenty of street parking but is also convenient for non-drivers like myself. The instructors don't force unrealistic expectations on you but they don't let you be lazy either. Considering the size of the classes, there is a good amount of one on one attention for students who need it. I should know since I'm generally the one who needs it. =)

  • lovely atmosphere
    Updated: 10 days ago

    HRK has classes everyday monday all the way through to sunday, with tkd everyday and kickboxing 5 days of the week it is hard to not find a day that you cant make it to.

  • Committed and caring instructors, good workout, comfy atmosphere
    Updated: 10 days ago

    HRK offers lots of different classes for all different levels. The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable but make you feel comfortable as well. The facility is clean: 3 bathrooms (one with shower), two workout areas, punching bags, exercise machines, waiting area, 2 dressing rooms. The class fees are very competitive and there are TKD classes every day of the week. Finally, the location is accessible by both bus and BART.

  • Great Cardio Workouts.
    Updated: 10 days ago

    As far as martial arts schools go in san francisco, this was the best overall one that i have run across. Lots of classes, Instructors, good mix of all ranks of students and a great place to go if your are an adult that is new to martial arts.

  • Quality & Friendly Training
    Updated: 10 days ago

    Lots of great teachers from a variety of abilities, age, background, etc. Alot of nice people there and it is a great work out.

  • Excellent
    Updated: 10 days ago

    I have been a kickboxing student at Hwa Rang Kwan for about a year now. They have excellent and professional instructors in a very friendly environment. It's a great place to work out and make friends. I highly recommend it!!!

  • Damn Good Workout!
    Updated: 10 days ago

    Love it! I've only been a student for a short time, and I've already made so many friends and have gotten so buff and fit! You won't even believe how many push-ups I can do in a minute now. I particularly love the extra push that demonstrates what I can really get my body to do!


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