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5800 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121
Moroccan, African, Mediterranean
Closed Now
5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
(415) 752-2222Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Wed - Sun
5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Extra Phones

Phone: (415) 752-3056

Fax: (415) 752-3056

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  • Editorial review from Citysearch
    by  on 05/25/2012

    Chef Lahlou takes Moroccan food to ethereal levels using spices that delight the senses. Cocktails are a must with their muddled mash-ups.

  • Morroccan as a jumping off point
    by  on 12/11/2011

    Chef Mourad Lahlou uses this Richmond eatery to dovetail Moroccan food from his homeland with artisanal features of California to create a new high cuisine. El Manseur was closed for a private party, so their owners suggested Aziza. We didn't think we'd get in without reservations since this place is usually booked well-in-advance, but they were gracious enough to set up the the to-go table for three of us. The spreads was a delightful way to start - and the pita style bread was so divine we had to order more. The squab, lamb shank were all in a class of their own for their unique flavors (and all beautifully presented), but the special for the evening, the quail, was easily the best on the entire trip to San Francisco. It should be interesting to see how the Jackson Square site does when it opens next year. I'll be back to try it.

  • Great place for a romantic evening
    by  on 05/21/2009

    The ambiance of this place is a bit mystical and relaxing, everything looks beautiful. The food is great, every dish is a masterpiece. The service is great, our wauter was always there, very polite,high-class. A great place to have a romantic night out.

  • Overpriced
    by  on 11/07/2008

    Overpriced. The food was okay but at those prices I expect much better service. We waited at our table 15 minutes without any service. I had to get up to flag down a waiter to take our order and even then the service was just mediocre feeling a bit like we were an inconvenience. Overall we left a $150 dollar meal for 2 people (2 glasses of wine) feeling disapointed and like we had wasted our money. At those prices it should be a great experience all the way around.

  • Great time and great food!
    by  on 11/18/2007

    The staff is friendly, and the food is modern, yet traditional. Try their set menu for a taste of everything. The bastilla is wonderful. They even have belly dancing!

  • Delicious Food & Great Service
    by  on 11/02/2007

    Aziza is great! It took us 3 tries to make a reservation for 6 people but I guess third time is a charm. \r You should definitely try this restaurant out ? it offers many great things: food, drinks, ambiance, and service ? everything you always wanted in a restaurant! \r -It has a very warm and tight knit type of environment which is great for a date or for a big party. The inside looks to be in the Turkish motif, with arched doorways and cave like walls. \r -The menu offers great choices! If you have a certain amount of people you can get the pre fix menu which is a great deal (good price for a lot of food). You get to try many dishes and at the same time make some of your own choices as well. Or you can just choose traditionally - al la cart. We did the pre-fix and tried many dishes family style and everything was delicious. We didn?t come across one dish that was mediocre. All six people were happy and impressed! Also the drink menu is wonderful. We usually go straight for the wine (to have with dinner), but Aziza offered delicious and interesting drinks that had amazing flavors! \r -Finally, I must mention the service! Although I am not picky about service, Aziza offered wonderful service. The waiter was very knowledgeable and attentive. He gave us space but the second we wanted something or had a question he was around to help! He was very helpful and very pleasant. The busboy was great as well; when someone would get up he?d fix the napkin and the silverware. When the water was half way through the glass, the glass was filled. \r Overall, I have nothing bad to say about the restaurant. There was noticeable time difference between the times when meals were brought to the table. But we were having such a great time with that we did not mind at all. And since every course offered so much food, it was even nice to get a breather.\r

  • wow
    by  on 06/06/2007

    i lived in the richmond district not 8 blocks away for 16 months before going on my birthday in may. everything was incredible. ambiance, service, and especially the food. i ate the couscous aziza which was nicely presented, but looked like it was going to be bland. i was about to curse the waiter for suggesting it but it started off good and got better with every bite. i typically don't like whatever specialty mixed drink menu a restaurant has but my friend had the horchata which was very, very good (not too sweet like i would have assumed). the dessert with a chocolate cake and ice cream was amazing as well. everything was superbly presented and more important everything was extraordinarily good. it's only too bad i no longer live nearby

  • So tasty, I had to go back twice!
    by  on 06/02/2007

    I first went here about a year ago after great references from friends. My friend and I shared one of the side booths, a fantastic location because it allows you to take in the whole restaurant's ambiance. The atmosphere is romantic and cosy. We shared some cocktails (delicious!) and the mushrooms in phyllo. The appetizer portion then was a little stingy. We shared the lamb shank and a dessert. Our bill wasn't too bad since we split a lot of the meals but I could see how the price could sky rocket easily. I just recently went there with my boyfriend and our meal was again, delicious! We had the lamb sausage and giant baked lima beans for appetizers. And for dinner we had the beef stew and lamb with charred eggplant. Both were incredibly delicious. The meat was so tender! We skipped on the dessert. The wait staff was very polite and courteous and although the prices are a little high, this is a great place to try at least once!

  • Fantastic from start to finish, great value
    by  on 02/05/2007

    I have been to Aziza about a dozen times now, starting just after they opened and ending a couple days ago. There have been some changes, some good, some bad, but it is still without question my favorite overall restaurant in San Fran. The restaurant has gotten a little less formal and a little more expensive, the former probably to make it feel more accessible in such an unpretentious neighborhood, and the latter no doubt due to their continued popularity. They've also improved the overall quality of service, the layout, and put together one of the best cocktail bars in the city. Let me set something straight: it is still a great value. If the restaurant was downtown, they could charge 20% more and no one would bat an eye. For the quality of food you are getting the price is a great deal. Will your bill for two run over $100 if you order cocktails, appetizers, entrees, desserts and wine? Yes, but it will at most good restaurants in San Francisco, and unlike many places it is actually worth it here. The food ranges from very good to top notch. My least favorite dish ever was the fish in claypot, and I disliked that on personal preference due to the way it was seasoned, while others in my party enjoyed it. Most of their dishes, such as standouts like the lamb shank, couscous aziza, bastilla, and stewed rabbit, are simply phenomenal. They nail the traditional Moroccan mix of sweet and savory perfectly, the layered flavors of each dish being simple enough to please the least adventurous eater and complex enough to please the afficionado. Portions are not colossal, but certainly big enough to justify the prices, and I, even as a big eater, am generally near-full by dessert. The cocktails are brilliantly imaginative and delicious, and desserts change seasonally and are generally great. They tend to fill up on weekend evenings a week or so in advance, but I've never needed reservations on weekdays. If you live in or are visiting SF, be sure to try Aziza!

  • Go for the entrees, skip dessert.
    by  on 10/08/2006

    Pros: Great ambiance and decor. The waitstaff was professional, friendly, and very efficient. The presentation, taste, and quality of the entrees were excellent - my friend and I had the stewed lamb w/eggplant and beef stew, both of which were very flavorful with super tender meat. I saw many tables ordering the lamb shanks, which looked really good. House cocktails also a plus. \r \r Cons: Appetizers - both taste and portion size - were average. The mushrooms in phyllo were good, but the beet salad was miniscule. I would go with the basteeya next time. We only tried the brioche bread pudding for dessert, which was very disappointing.

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