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AMC Van Ness 14

1000 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109
(888) 262-4386Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/23/2014



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  • Alice in San Francisco
    by  on 07/24/2010

    Came here a while back (March) to see Alice in Wonderland. There was a giant line, so we sat around waiting to go inside. Once we were in, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the theatre was very large. Everyone was wearing their 3D glasses, munching on tasty movie popcorn, and enjoying an old classic remade. The movie was just OK, but I definitely like the theatre, especially since it is right next to a 38 bus stop.

  • Great seating and surround sound
    by  on 12/01/2009

    Great seating and surround sound. You don't have to strain you neck to see over people and the seats are arranged in hill formation where it's comfortable no-strain on your neck to view the screen. If you go watch any action flick especially, you're absolutely bound to get your money's worth. Oh yes, have I mentioned it's only a block away from my house? Super convenient.

  • Great theater!
    by  on 09/11/2009

    Great theater! Great parking - convenient, but a tad expensive. Also, the gym I used to belong to, I believe, is at the same building. I say used to, because I've given up on that. Now I eat hot buttered popcorn at the theater. Extra salt and butter please!

  • The theater itself and the restrooms are clean
    by  on 09/09/2009

    Lots of reviews for this cinema! I love AMC Van Ness 14 on Van Ness! They do have blockbuster movies, on lots of screens. They sometimes have independent movies, international movies in Spanish, French and many other languages too. The theater itself and the restrooms are clean. They have hand dryers in the restrooms it's good for the environment and the trees.

  • Complete Theater
    by  on 06/22/2009

    Very comfortable theater with lots of leg room and reclining seats with a high back rest. Many screens for multiple shows makes it very convenient.

  • AMC 1000 Van Ness, a great place to go with kids
    by  on 11/13/2007

    This is such a fun movie theater. Young children love the escalators, and the wide variety of movies shown there. It's very accessible by public transportation which is great because parking can be a hassle at this theater--the parking lot fills up quickly on the weekends. Lots of food options on Van Ness.

  • Favorite theater in SF
    by  on 03/25/2005

    This is my favorite theater in SF - great location and great building. It's amazing that they can fit so many theaters in this building since it looks so small from the outside. Good stadium seating and sound system. Parking is underground and very tight - take a while to exit after a big crowd.

  • My favorite!
    by  on 05/25/2004

    This is my favorite theatre in the city! The rocking love seats, the leg room, the huge screens and the sound system! LOVE IT! It's also the only theatre I know that allows outside food, so I can bring in my own bag of chips and soda. The only problem is that everyone else seems to love this place too because lines get really long, so if you plan to catch a flick here, arrive early. Also, I take public transportation because parking is really bad here unless you don't mind paying $6+ for garage parking.

  • Like It!
    by  on 01/25/2004

    We always enjoy watching a movie here. The problem is that the lines always seem to be long. We have found a solution recently by going to the restaurant in the lobby first. While enjoying some pre-movie snacks there, we asked the waitress if she could help get the tickets for us. To our surprise, she said 'yes"" cheerfully and we got the tickets before finishing up the snacks! What a great way to start the evening with my girl friend.

  • My thoughts of AMC 1000
    by  on 10/26/2003

    A lot of residents of the Bay Area say that AMC 1000 is......How should I say, make you experience coming here a living nightmare. I usually try to come here on matinee weekdays are the best. Weekends are horrible. Crowds can be the worst. When is AMC gonna stop w/ the showing of commercials? But the HUGE downside of AMC is their parking set up. The machines that they have set up sometimes doesnt work. And when it does, its very picky on accepting dollar bills you are trying to insert.

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