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San Antonio Urgent Care

2235 Thousand Oaks Dr 106, San Antonio, TX 78232
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  • 05/06/2013

    If a star rating of 0 was an option, that's what I'd give them. For one thing, I only go to the doctor when I absolutely have to so I called ahead to ask if they take my insurance and if I had to make an appointment. They said they take my insurance and no need for an appointment. I walked in and they asked why I was there. I told them I had fallen on my way home from work and I think I bruised my ribs. They just looked at me so I asked if I was in the wrong place and they said no but I didn't get a good vibe, After asking how it happened, they said they couldn't help me. They treated me like I was bothering them or I need to go somewhere else. They said they didn't have any means of treating me there at their facility, So what services do they provide that qualifies them to be an urgent care clinic? I was thinking as I left that if I had fallen and bruised my ribs WORK, I would've been rushed right in. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • 9711 Huebner DO NOT GO HERE

    Treated very badly!!!! I was in pain had been waiting along time, the girl finally called me back and wanted me to start by weighing....I said i'm in pain been waiting along time can I just see the Dr. I was trying to leave town and already way late. Anyway, she took my vitals after waiting longer the Dr. stormed in and said"" go collect your money and get out I will not treat you"" I asked him what i did he didn't answer me. This is crazy if he was told something that upset him...seems he would walk in introduce himeself and ask if there was a problem at which time in an adult manner we could have discussed this. I felt he must have been super stressed to react like that. The girl kept telling me weighing was a vital sign WHATEVER....\r I went to COMPLETE URGENT CARE on Dezavale they were awesome......


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