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Regal Cinemas Alamo Quarry 16

255 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209
Closed Now
11:00 am - 11:30 pm
11:00 am - 11:30 pm
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Added on 10/14/2016



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  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - PG-13, 118min
  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - PG-13, 118min
  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back - PG-13, 118min
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    Audio Quality
    Seating Comfort

    The place smelled the seats sucked and they need a new sound was big bucks the place is small

  • Worst first run theaters in town

    We went to the Regal Alamo Quarry Stadium to see The Adjustment Bureau. The tickets were very expensive, so we expected a nice experience, however the movie was barely watchable. There was a loud buzz throughout the movie that was very distracting. We complained to the manager at the beginning of the movie who came in and heard the problem. He said he would take care of the problem, but nothing ever changed. We would not attend these theaters again and would definitely not recommend them to anyone.

  • Regal Alamo Quarry Stadium Theaters are terrible

    I had never been to the Quarry Stadium theaters before. We went to see the Terminator. The tickets were expensive for a matinee price and the manager refused to turn on the airconditioner in our theater, #9. When I complained that the steam coming from that theater hits you in the face at the doorway and it was really stuffy and steamy inside the theater, he said that since no one else had complained he didn't do anything about it. \r \r I can't figure out why they would turn off the airconditioner in the first place?!! IN TEXAS! It's always hot!\r \r It was easily 90 degrees outside and had just finished raining so people were coming in all wet. Imagine the smell of all that perfume and aftershave and body odor and the smell of wet clothes, and dirty carpets and old popcorn and dirty trashcans just filling the air and you having to sit shoulder to shoulder with strangers and smelling all that! I was disgusted and really wanted to leave. I thought I was going to throw-up! It wasn't till the people next to me and I had gone back out to talk to the manager for the third time about 30 minutes into the movie before they would turn the ac back on. I really wanted my money back. It was horrible. I will never go back to that theater again.\r \r (This program won't let me post anything unless I give a rating. I didn't want to give them any stars because no one should have to pay to be tortured. But I had to give them a one star reluctantly.)

  • Avoid like Plague on friday and Saturday Nights

    During the school year avoid this place on Fridays and Saturday nights! Those stupid kids are so rude, and they just take over the whole place! \r \r Matinee is a good time to go, so is late afternoon, but If you have to go at night, earlier is always better

  • It's Fine. Not the best theater but not the worst either.

    We go to the movies every other week on average. We often end up at The Quarry because we like the whole atmosphere and they have first run movies. We don't mind the crowds at all and haven't had the experience of another reviewer of rowdy teenagers. But we do agree that the place is feeling dirtier and dirtier everytime we go. There is also a real temperature control issue there. It's always cold. If it's summertime, the air conditioning is on too high. If we're into cold temperatures, they don't seem to bother putting on any heat. So it's rare that you can go there and be comfortable without wearing a sweater or jacket. This theater doesn't hold a candle to the AMC at Huebner Oaks, but the popcorn at the Regal Quarry wins hands down!

  • Avoid the crowd

    One would think being in the Quarry you are going to have a luxourious movie theater in an enjoyable atmosphere. Wrong. I have never been to a theater where I had to walk out because of the annoying teenagers making jokes and throwing things back in forth throughout the entire theater. I would only recommend coming to this theater during the day. The weekends and evenings are for teenager pranksters.

  • Love it!

    This theater has a nice feel to it. The ambience and decor are unique! The chairs are comfortable & the there is a good selection of average-priced snacks. The movie choices are good (14 screens!). The lack of a lot of rowdy, loud people is a big bonus. The staff could be a bit more pleasant (An occasional ""Enjoy your film!"" would be nice!). What I really like is the active duty military discount they offer. This definately keeps my husband & I loyal- and we're movie junkies! The parking lot issue- it's big because there's so many stores around. With San Antonio being rated one of the fattest cities, we could all probably use the walk to our cars! Another nice feature is the ticket machine so you don't have to stand in line. It's the way to go if you don't need to show ID for any reason.

  • Not What I expected

    It definitely meets the primary purpose...(i.e. it has chairs to sit in and a screen to view a movie) but being in the Quarry Shopping center I expected more. The seats are dated and not very comfortable and wasn't as clean as I would expect of a theater in this location. If comfort it was you're looking for there are better choices. Parking is also a pain.


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