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Pampered Pet

13227 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217
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10:00 am - 7:00 pm
(210) 654-3300Directions★ Review
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Mon - Fri
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Located on Nacogdoches, between O'connor and Thousand Oaks. Right next to the Autozone and across the road from Aaron's Furniture store.


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  • Editorial review from Citysearch
    by  on 06/16/2012

    I was very pleased with pampered pet. Not only was the visit very fast, but my dog looked beautiful! They did a very good job and my dog was very happy. She was even out socializing with them rather than waiting in a kennel when I arrived to pick her up. I would recommend them. I think the bad reviews were for the previous business that pampered pet purchased.

    by  on 01/17/2011

    I went to Yuppy Puppy because a friend had been to her 2 times before recently and she did a great job. My friend has a standard poodle and I have a toy poodle so I thought she would do a good job. She told me she would give him a teddy bear cut and I said OK. She asked if I wanted his paws shaved, I said NO I do not shaved. I did like Lee (the groomer) when I met her but when I got back to the shop 3 hours later she told me he was not done yet, because she still had to do his face. She asked me to sit in a side room so Timmy did not see me and get upset. The side room was nasty. But I did not want to upset Timmy. When I did finally get to see him she did not just clipper him, she shaved him all the way to the skin, his pink skin and freckles showed. I was shocked! It's January and cold outside! You do not shave a dog in winter to no coat at all. This women is no more a groomer than the 5 year old little girl down the street is If you love your dogs PLEASE do not take your dog to this woman. She does not know what she is doing. Now the inside of Timmy's ears are bleeding. I was so upset and and wanted to get Timmy and myself out of there I actually PAID this woman $55 to give me my dog and leave ASAP. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN AND HER SHOP!!!

  • Great Service & Grooming
    by  on 11/30/2010

    We took 2 sets of yorkies to Pampered pet and both times their haircuts were fabulous! the 2nd time, they were our girl yorkies and they did a really good job! they were friendly and talked about how the dogs did. one of our girls were scared of the electrical clippers, but she told us how we can work with her and how they would work with her too so she wouldn't be afraid the next time. when we got home, one of the girls had watery eyes and so i called and talk to the lady, she apologized and told me to wash her eyes and that if it was still going on the next day, to bring her back in. I was really glad she didn't brush it off as nothing. I really appreciated that. I also think they do better than Pet Smart and the wait isn't so long so that our dogs aren't waiting there all day. I will be using Pampered pet again and I highly recommend them!

    by  on 08/29/2010

    Do not bother taking your dog to Pampered Pets, they are anything but pampered! HORRIBLE customer service, do not waste your time or money!!

  • Pet Grooming in San Antonio
    by  on 06/06/2010

    Well, I don't know about those other women's comments, obviously they don't work for a living. This place was just wonderful. First of all, I missed my first appointment on Saturday, and they were glad to reschedule me for Sunday. Yes, Sunday, how accommodating for us that work full time. Also it was the first time my dog had been groomed. He was very happy when I picked him up, and Cynthia groomed him exactly as I had specified. He looks so cute, and feels so good, it makes me feel good. Thank you Cynthia! What a great experience, and my Basenji feels great for only $30.00. I will be going back again, and again..... Nanci J Crawford

  • Too Funny! She ripped me off too!
    by  on 10/29/2009

    I'm sorry, but if I can't trust her, I'm surely not going to trust her with a family member.

  • this place is awesome!
    by  on 10/09/2009

    When I started taking my dogs there they were afraid of grooming and they had been to many groomers, after one or two times with Lee, they were glad to go.Wow.They always smell great for a long time after too.There is another place with Yuppy Puppy reviews and they are all good . They have alot of fans and I am one of them.


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