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Mission Open Air Market

707 Moursund Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78221
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    Hi guys! I've worked for Mission for almost 20 years. I was reading some of these reviews. Working for this family as long as I have I can tell you that their heart is in the community. They believe strongly in helping people supplement their incomes by providing a means for anyone to sell their unwanted items. We are working on paving the East parking lot and have just added more parking and all that came at a high price. The upside is that we have given a free spot to the Vietnam Memorial Museum for over 25 years. We allow church's and other non-profits to sell in 4 spaces free of charge. We've helped raise money for organizations and allow missionaries to ask for donations at our exits. Also, we've given away school supplies, hair cuts, brought in organizations such as the Animal Defense League, San Antonio City Public Service, Santa Rosa Immunization Bus, UT Health Science Center Bus and more. We are always working to be better for our community.

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    My wife and love to go there but to get in now for 4 adults it cost 8 dollars we can go to bussy and all get in for 1 dollar.Its way to high we wont go again

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    We love this place!We love the food,culture,haggeling over prices!I get to speak Spanish and listen to great music all day.We are an anglo family.We always find great deals.

  • Horrible place...

    If you can stomach abused and neglected stray dogs that management does nothing about and food that smells like rotting fish then this place is the place for you!

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    I enjoy going to the Mission Fleamarket every Sunday. I've been faithful up until last Sunday when the owners raised their entrance fee to $2 per person. The entrance fee used to be $1 per car, but then they got greedy and raised that to $1 per person. I thought it was a little too high but I kept going. But now it's been raised to $2 per person. I believe that too much. Don't the owners realized that poor people are the ones going to their flea market. I will definitely not return until their entrance fee is lowered. I'm pretty sure they will loose business. Mr. Flea market owner, you need to be reasonable, your only hurting yourself by being sooooo greedy.

  • Not Much Fun

    I took my family there and it was a disappointment. A few of the vendors were nice, but some of the vendors were flat out rude (completely ignoring my kids when they asked questions), and most of the stuff was really old or just crap. I must say though, there was one vendor with a lot of plants, and I bought a hibiscus tree for $4, so that made it all worthwhile to me, but I would never recommend this place or go back. Oh and you have to pay to get in! Since it is outside, there were a ton of bees. I would recommend the Eisenhauer Flea Market!

  • Fun Flea Market

    I Love going to this Flea Market, and especially on Wednesday because this is the only Flea Market open on Wednesday. You can find alot of surprises here because there are many vendors to offer lots of items, and you just never know what you might find here! It's like a very special surprise when you find an exciting item that you have been searching for.I have had many good days, both as a seller, and as a buyer. The people you meet there are very nice and friendly.


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