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Lucy's Doggy Daycare & Spa

2250 Thousand Oaks Dr, San Antonio, TX 78232
Closed Now
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
7:00 am - 8:00 pm
(210) 495-3647DirectionsMap
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Added on 04/17/2014



Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat - Sun
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • I think who ever wrote the son...
    by  on 07/23/2011

    I think who ever wrote the song "Who let the dogs out" must have taken their dog to Lucy's! When I watch the dogs barrel through the secured/fenced run from the building to the dog park, I can't help but sing this song! It is so funny and entertaining to watch!! My dog loves coming to Lucy's and I love that he is completely out for the count once we get home. We have started taking Luke to Lucy's two to three times a week. We started with the boarding, then the day care. It is so funny to watch Luke in the morning acctually try to pursuade us to take him to Lucy's.... It is obvious that he loves the staff and his friends he gets to play with all day. Great facility!!

  • The doggie day care and self serve dog wash are great!!
    by  on 01/31/2011

    I found Lucy's Doggy Day Care and Spa about two months ago while enjoying a blizzard from DQ... The dogs were having so much fun in the play area I had to let my dog/Auggie come for a day. When I went inside, the person up front was very friendly and gave me a tour of the entire place. I don't really have any need for their grooming but I saw people picking up who looked to be very happy. The two services I ended up using are both the self serve dog wash and the doggie day care. I initially thought i would only bring Auggie every once and a while but he was having too much fun so I have been bringing him multiple times a week. The funny thing is, he yanks me in the door to Lucy's and is crashed out in the back seat before I get him home. On the weekends, i bring the kids to help me give Auggie a bath at the self serve or what they call the spa... Auggie is a big boy and the stairs to the tub are a life saver! The staff at Lucy's are very helpful with the whole process. Bottom line, I have really enjoyed Lucy's and so has Auggie.

  • I hope the owner read's some of these reviews!
    by  on 09/05/2010

    I have used Lucy's for about a year now to have our std. poodle groomed. It's the only place we've been to that I don't have to drag him in. I really feel like they know him when we go, and they seem excited to see him. He goes to the daycare which I think he likes too since most groomer's just stick him in a kennel until they are ready to groom him. \r \r That being said...\r There have been a couple times that I've made an appt in advance and they've had to cancel due to overbooking. Not only do they cancel, but they can't take him for a week! I've been offered a discount (10%), but I feel bad about reminding them when I go in again. They don't keep track of it, and I don't feel like having to get it 'approved' and all that stuff, so I just pay full price. \r \r The last couple times I took him in, I actually had to go over his belly with the clippers at home because they didn't get under his legs and there were some little kinks in the hair. Also the very last time they shaved his booty area (the hygenic clip) she did it so close that it got red and irritated. \r \r It doesn't seem that they are very experienced with poodle haircuts. There's been a couple times where he comes out a little funny looking. Now when I bring him in I tell them EXACTLY what to cut and what not to cut, and they are good about following directions. \r \r So overall, I trust that my dog has a good time there and that they are taking good care of him. That means more to me than whether his hair is perfect or not. I would recommend Lucy's for this reason alone.

  • My baby had soooo much fun!!!
    by  on 12/30/2009

    When I take my little girl there she has so much fun, that when she gets home she just wants to sleep! I know she has had alot of fun because I can see her running like the wind when i go online and watch them on the webcam! The staff are very sweet and kind to all the doggies that go to that daycare and take the time to individually get to know all of them. Plus its a clean and wonderful enviorment for my baby!

  • Fantastic Experience
    by  on 12/07/2009

    I dropped both my dogs off at Lucy's over Thanksgiving. I was able to watch them play in the park on the web cam while I was away. I even called and they put my dogs in front of the cammera on a daily occurance. I really appreciated the above and beyond service the staff at Lucy's gave me and my dogs!

  • Honesty still counts!
    by  on 02/01/2009

    I went by Lucy's to see how my dog might do boarding. I recieved a tour from the owner and the place looked fantastic. I told him how much anxiety my dog has. He said they were willing to evaluate my dog. Needless to say, my dog was a nervios wreck. All of the other dog's seemed to love it buy Sophie was so uncomfortable. The owner told me that they were willing to see if Sophie would warm up but recomended she might feel more comfortable/at ease with a pet sitter \r \r I think it was the right choice. I just wanted to comment on this because I thought it was a great place and I greatly appreciate the honesty and not just someone trying to sell me on their service.

  • Best Doggy Day Care and Grooming
    by  on 10/22/2008

    I love taking my dog Emma to Lucys.She goes to day care daily and has so much fun. I can watch her on the web cam when I am at work. I also enjoy picking her up early and watching her play in the park. The staff is very attentive and gives Emma special attention. The grooming is also fantastic. It makes my life so easy that she can play all day and be groomed before I pick her up at 6PM. I highly suggest this place for anyone who loves their dog.

  • Worst - if you love your dogs don't take them here!
    by  on 10/14/2008

    I have taken my dogs there twice now. Figuring the first time must have been a fluke since there were so many happy customers. I have asked that the owner call me, to this date - NOTHING! The were not only rude but treated my dogs roughly. So that is it for me and my precious dogs. They have managed to loose our records - more than once. I had a 9:00 a.m. appointment for them to be groomed - booked it two weeks ahead of time and didn't pick them up until 5:00 p.m. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, however, I was told repeatedly that they were ""almost ready"" and I should keep waiting. I lost my whole afternoon ""waiting"". I honestly believe that perhaps they may have too many dogs there now and it is showing in their customer service and overbooking in grooming. \r There are too many options in SA to have to be subjected to this type of customer service! Come on 51.00 for each dog for grooming (I have short haired dogs) coupled with poor service - PLEASE!\r


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