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    This hall is very spacious and has a very large dance floor. The reservation staff is very helpful and patient, and the staff is very friendly.

  • best hall in town for the best price

    They got great deals and are very helpful they are very nice

  • take the bus

    Going to play lucky 7 Bingo? Take the bus, I get dropped off, since my car has been broken into twice and tonight someone else was victimized. The parking lot is dark but they do have security, but security is inside stamping bingo tickets. Tonight is my last nite at lucky 7. I will be yelling BINGO! somewhere else. becareful out there.

  • I almost won a Veggie-Tales DVD box set here.

    Oh, man. I was playing blackout and only had one space to go to get the Veggie-Tales DVDs, and then this narcoleptic guy won them. I mean, I think it was cheating because he fell asleep twice during the blackout game and other people woke him up. That's like having outside help, isn't it?

  • Best price in San Antonio.

    After I play bingo at Callaghan Bingo, I come back at night to play at Lucky 7's Bingo. The prices are best in the city and the hall is very clean. The Bingo's are next door to each other and that makes it easy to find.


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