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La Posada Del Rey

999 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209
Mexican, Latin American
(210) 828-5666Directions★ Review


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  • Awful, awful, awful!!! This pl...
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    Posted: 11/3/2011

    Awful, awful, awful!!! This place is so bad, they can't even get nachos , right!!! Even , if it was free, I still would never go back!!! It doesn't even get one star!!! It being in78209 ,doesn't make it good .The so called food , looked like slop , No wait slop would have been better , than this crap!!!!!! Save your money, but most of all save your stomach!!!!

  • Great food,great drinks.
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/31/2007

    I discovered this San Antonio jewel back in 1994 and have been a regular visitor.\r always the owner greets me and my family with a cordial hand shake and we are taken to our table promply.\r I highly recommend this place because is family friendly and it won't break your bank.\r The chicken fajitas are the best I have ever had and the presentation of this dish is impressive(don't mind the flames,they'll extinguish rapidly,and it's only done upon request I believe).\r I have frequent family and friends who visit from out of town and La Posada is their favorite dining destination.\r They demand a trip to La Posada everytime they are here,specially my mom.\r I'm not a food critic or anything like that,I'm an upper middle class head of family who appreciates a quality place,with good food and good service.\r Give this place a try if you have not,it's in a good location,and the food won't disappoint.

  • Looking for real good Mexican food look elsewhere
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 8/12/2007

    I was driving past the shops in Lincoln Heights, and just happened to take notice of this Mexican restaurant. I noticed the parking lot was about 3/4 full which is usually a sign of a restaurants food quality, or cheapness, or both. First off, I love good homemade salsa and chips, but the stuff they brought out was less than stellar, with barely any jalapenos, and an off 'blinky' taste from the over ripe tomatoes. Next the waiter finally brought out my meal. I first noticed a lack of tomatoes and cheese on my crispy taco, which is akin to blasphemy for a Mexican restaurant to do. I asked for some Cholula, or Tabasco since I didn't like their hot sauce, and he replied, ""I don't think we have any of that"" I was shocked, but he said he would look, and finally brought a huge bottle of Tabasco from the bar. I was not to be hindered, I quickly picked up the Wal-Mart value size bottle and shook out a liberal amount with a little smirk on my face. I don't care what you all think, I'm fine with the value size since it's thrifty you know, and I'm quite sure it decreased my already ample carbon footprint by at least a percentage point. Al Gore would be proud. I cut into my enchilada which was barely warm, and it was terrible, no flavor, and very bad enchilada sauce. Not one to be easily conquered, I managed to force down the rest of it, all in hopes the taco would make up for it. The taco did nothing to help out the poor little enchiladas bad taste, for it was almost as bad. The lack of tomatoes and cheese didn't help matters. I thought maybe the Borracho beans would be better, but I have tasted better beans out of a tin can. The chalupa compuesta was also less than average, for the refried beans were simply horrible. I can't say exactly how the place manages to stay in business, and my only hope is that maybe the owner just fired all of her good cooks and hired really bad ones. Mybeef on this restaurant is, stay away until further notice.


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