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8810 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240
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7:00 am - 10:00 pm
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Added on 08/22/2014


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  • This place is out of business,...
    Posted: 6/5/2012

    This place is out of business, they just forgot to tell the lady not to come in anymore. Half of the washers and dryers are out of service. The machines are dirty and the floors are filthy. Run away, stay away, don't get too close! If you asked for one positive thing about the place, I guess I'd say in wasn't too expensive.

  • Rude Attendant!!!
    Posted: 11/2/2008

    I called this location to ask if the attendant knew how I could get a hold of someone at Kwik Wash regarding a machine out-of-order, she immediately "cut me off" while I was talking said she didn't understand what I was saying and said that whatever I was talking about was NOT her problem, she said she didn't know anything and continued to say it was NOT her problem, she was very impolite and her tone was very vulgar and rude. She should not talk to anyone that way, I was just asking a simple question.

  • Needs A Lot of Work
    Updated: 9 days ago

    Many times, washers are tagged for repair, or are leaking. The washers that work, often stink. The change machine works about half the time. The best thing about this location is the attendants who work there. They are friendly and greet the customers and work hard cleaning the floors, mopping up leaks, and wiping down the machines.


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