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Joe's Volcano

6844 Ingram Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238
Closed Now
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Added on 01/29/2016


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  • no safety cameras
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    Updated: 11/11/2014

    What kind of place is this no cameras inside the club. What kind of safety do they have only bouncers that r only train to escort people out.A person gets beaten up at the club an a innocent person is blamed an gets pressed charges an put in jail. So we ask the owner for help says he's not able to help us.BC they have no security cameras.Really makes me change my mind of ever going there again.

  • Sucks
    Posted: 10/23/2009

    This place was awesome last year and now it just sucks. They play the same old crap all the time. If it's not nothing but tejano. My friend had a party there and their was nobody there. they only play half of your requests and the drinks even suck. I will not be returning to this place anytime soon.

  • The Friday Night Hot Spot
    Updated: 11 days ago

    Joe's is the Friday night hot spot!!! Not Saturday and Not Sunday but Friday. Everyone is looking good having fun no fighting and the guards are very aware of the surroundings if anything does happen they are right on it. The Beat is live on the spot on friday and the music is very good if you like that kind of music they play on 98.5 the beat r&b hiphop. I highly reccomend you visit there. I go at least 2 Or 3 Fridays a month. I like it so much I am having a party there this month the staff is very good friendly not rude and its a great time. Go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Updated: 11 days ago

    Joes is a fun place to hang out. The Music that Louie plays is out of sight. It is like a type of environment to let your ming run wild. The music and lights in the club really bring out the spirit.

  • No Fun
    Updated: 11 days ago

    Music is bad and where are the people. It could use some new decor.


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