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Ivory Lounge

5152 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229
(210) 340-4879Directions★ Review
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Added on 08/25/2013

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Regular Hours
Friday and Saturday 9:30 pm - 2:00 am Available for private parties during non-business hours.

General Info

 San Antonio's newest Nightclub and Lounge FEATURING $3 Fridays.

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 Located in the Medical Center
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    Posted: 2/1/2015

    Where to start.... My girlfriend and I decided at the last minute that we would throw a birthday party for myself. I'd been to the Ivory Lounge before and remembered that it didn't get crowded which was fine for me because there would just be friends and family coming. I called to make a reservation for VIP on Friday (1/30/15) for Saturday (1/31). I spoke to a girl named Lindsey who asked me a series of many people in my party, what kind of music do we enjoy and then she asked me for my name. I told her it's "Terrik M". She asked me to hold and came back 10 seconds later to tell me they were booked up for the next 4 weeks. I had just spent 3 minutes talking to Lindsey the VIP MANAGER but she didn't know they were booked for the next month until she got my somewhat ethnic sounding name. I asked if she could take my number to give me a call if there was a cancellation. ***She told me there was already a waiting list and that I wouldn't be able to get on.*** I hung up with Lindsey and called my girlfriend. My conversation with the VIP Manager, Lindsey, felt sketchy so I told my girlfriend to call. Two minutes later she called to let me know that Lindsey booked her. Yeah And it gets worse. Lindsey told my girlfriend that the FIRST bottle is sold at $100 and each additional bottle is $75 (per their website). When we get to Ivory Lounge they pointed my girlfriend to her area...yes pointed, no escort. We sit down and after 10 minutes our VIP waitress shows up. She wishes my girlfriend a happy birthday and thanks her for choosing Ivory Lounge to celebrate. My girlfriend informed the waitress that it was actually my birthday and proceeds to tell her what happened the day before. She apologized but denied knowing anything. Everyone was upset about the perceived racism that Ivory Lounge had displayed but we agreed that nothing would be said until we were much for that plan. When the waitress comes back she tells us that bottles are NOT $75 but instead are $165. In an attempt to clarify the price on the bottles, I ask to speak to the manager. Once we get it straight that the price on their website isn't the actual price of the bottles the manager proceeds to explain, or attempt to explain, why my girlfriend was able to get a reservation and why I wasn't. A cancellation. Really??? See all those stars in the first paragraph? What happened to the list? I told the manager that I really didn't care about that and I just wanted to enjoy my evening without someone screwing it up. He then said (no lie) "But you just accused us of being racist and I don't appreciate that". My reply, "just let me enjoy my night". Right after, he had security remove me from the premises. They wouldn't let me get my girlfriend or any of the other guests that were present. They threatened me with arrest for trespassing (I'm a lawyer, by the way). We left and took our party down the street where our money was appreciated. The staff was rude. And liars. Instead of trying to make me believe that Friday was an anomaly, they just reinforced that they may, in fact be racist. Not sure about the bottle prices...they may actually be $75 for non-Blacks. lol jk But seriously, we were told $75 on the phone but quoted $165 in the club. You figure it out. I'll never go back nor would I recommend Ivory Lounge for any upwardly mobile, progressive thinking person. People go to clubs to get away from the exact things you'll run into at the Ivory Lounge.

  • Had my birthday party at Ivory...
    Updated: 6/4/2014Posted: 6/4/2014

    Had my birthday party at Ivory last Saturday. The music was amazing, the crowd was very nice and the drinks were cheap. We only paid $75 for a VIP and it included a bottle of Goose, mixers, and everything we needed. Awesome deal. It was a little tucked away from the street and hidden, but well worth the find!

  • Updated: 6/4/2014Posted: 6/4/2014

    Had a really good time at this place. It was very clean and the service was out of this world. Everything was very inexpensive. The dj played really great music and it was packed. I like how the crowd was really great, which is hard to find in SA. Definitely check this place out.

  • Updated: 6/4/2014Posted: 6/4/2014

    We had our wedding reception at Ivory Lounge in San Antonio and it was beautiful. It was really cheap too, only $100 an hour and it included everything we needed. They also had someone there to help out with stuff as we needed it. All of my guests were so impressed. My sister loved it so much she is having her baby shower there next month.

  • Updated: 6/4/2014Posted: 6/4/2014

    Beautiful nightclub, the decor is unlike anywhere in San Antonio. As we arrived the door guy was turning away some people who werent dressed right which was reassuring. We arrived around 10 and quickly realized it is a late crowd. So if you are an early bird like us, just hang out and wait because it will get crowded around 11:30. The cocktails were really good too, very inexpensive. We had about 8 drinks all premium (Greygoose-Shiner-Crown-Shots of Patron) and the tab with tax was about only $25. A lot of the tables were reserved for VIP Bottle Service which looked super cool because the bottles were delivered with a sparkler. We had so much fun that we are going to have my friends birthday party there next month.

  • Updated: 2/25/2014Posted: 2/25/2014

    Went to Ivory Lounge Saturday Night and had a blast. It got really really busy around midnight. I love how the clientele is all dressed up. They obviously enforce the dress code so it is an upper class clientele. I like how it is really nice yet not expensive. Hispanic and White crowd. DJ was high energy and played all of the good stuff!

  • Posted: 12/20/2013

    Best Birthday party I have ever had was at Ivory Lounge last weekend, it was packed and the crowd was really dressed nice. Best nightclub in San Antonio.

  • Posted: 11/18/2013

    Gorgeous Nightclub, NOT ghetto at all. Everyone was dressed really nice. Mostly Latino and White crowd. The music was good and the drinks were delicious and cheap. Impressive service.

  • Posted: 10/17/2013

    We had such a wonderful time at Ivory Lounge. It is more of a Nightclub rather than a Lounge. The DJ played a variety of music which was nice because we LOVE to dance. My tab was cheap too, 1 Vegas Bomb, 1 Appletini, 1 of their famous Strawberry Kiwi drinks, and 2 Jager Bombs (for my friends) and it was $15. You can't beat that. I have been to many places in this town but this one is my new favorite. Also, it is really clean. The bathroom was impeccable. Doesn't smell like a bar at all.

  • Posted: 10/12/2013

    We had my Birthday party at Ivory and it was packed, it got busy kinda late. The bottle came out with a giant sparkler which was super cool and the DJ gave me a shout out for my BDAY several times. The drinks were really cheap which was a plus for my guests. Everyone in our party really had a great time. The crowd (Mexican and white) was dressed really nice and the music was spot on. The location was a little tucked away in a shopping center on Fredericksburg, but they had plenty of parking. I wish I found this place sooner.

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