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Delicious Tamales

1330 Culebra Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201
Mexican, Latin American
Open Now
6:00 am - 6:00 pm
(210) 585-2102DirectionsMap
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Added on 08/24/2014



Regular Hours
Mon - Sat
6:00 am - 6:00 pm
6:00 am - 3:00 pm

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* Open 7 Days a Week * Checks Accepted * Delivery and Shipping Available *Delicious Tamales Delivers Locally & Ships Nationwide *Take-Out, Drive-Thru or Dine-In
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Texas INSP & PSD #652


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  • NOT delicious and NOT the original!
    by  on 12/21/2011

    Gag a BUZZARD! These people make tamales that are worse than the things they sell at H*E*B! Where in Hades or Heaven is the ORIGINAL Delicious Tamales? Right now, my wife is headed for one on Castroville Road, which I THINK is the original. I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime, if you can't find the original, either, just avoid this pretender and go elsewhere.

  • We love "em
    by  on 10/23/2011

    The very best tamales this side of TX. I and my family love them, you will too...

  • Not authentic at all
    by  on 12/08/2010

    It takes a special type of person to represent themselves with Lies. Yes Delicious Tamales has been around for many years but this paticular Owner Valarie for Delicious is not who she pretends to be. This company was actually started by the blood and sweat of another family that Valarie married into some 20 + years after it was originated. Yes she took the name to another level but then she tried to come back and take the business away from the same people that provided her the name. These tamales are horriable and they are not the same Family receipe as the original Delicious. It is funny to me that This owner likes to tell people that she is not affiliated with other Delicious in town and that is in fact one truth she is not affiliated at all. I have tasted the original Factories Tamales and those are made by hand by the owners and they deserve the name Delicious Tamales. The 5 locations this woman represents are not the original so yes please pay attention to the logo Paco and Loco. You will not find that logo on the Real Delicious Tamales,. You want authentic Tamales Find the locations like on Castorville rd , S. Presa. These are the folks that really make the name. I have done my research and I have tasted all the stores the best in San antonio that I have is Delicious Tamales #3 on Presa the owners are nice and honest. I will never buy another dozen from this delicious tamales. I have done my research and tried Tamales from all locations and when I inquired about Valaries place she advised me that she was the original and the other Delicious are fakes. So Of course I went to find out the truth, WOW to my surprise I found it that it was not the truth at all. SHame on you Valarie the money is what drives you your passion does not go into these tamales it is your greed .

  • Tamales with a National Reputation
    by  on 05/06/2010

    We've been ordering Delicious Tamales for a very long time. They were part of our Superbowl Party (Go Saints!) and our recent Cinco de Mayo bash. I've met people all over the U.S. who know about these delectable wonders from San Antonio. They are truly an institution! I recommend ordering over 10 dozen and freezing them - it's worth the shipping costs. The cheese and jalapeno are the best ever - they are as authentic as the ones my grandmother made in South Texas when I was growing up.

  • Delicious Tamales Delicious (i smell competitor shills)
    by  on 05/05/2010

    Been eating Delicious Tamales since the late 80's and I gotta say, they are the best tasting store bought tamales I have EVER had (homemade comes to mind). I brave the crowds every Christmas season at the Culebra store and stock up well for all of December. But really, whenever I'm on that side of town, I pull into their parking lot. I glanced at some of the more negative comments posted about DT and immediately suspected competitor shills hard at work, ranting a big negative streak while casually mentioning their ""favorite"" alternative - talk about transparent. Decide for yourself and take the litmus test, folks; go to Delicious Tamales and see (taste) for yourself, they are precisely what the name says they are - delicious. Jordi

    by  on 05/05/2010

    The best tamales my grandma didn't make. They have the BEST vegetarian tamales (if you're into that). The masa has a great flavor and texture. They're not too fat but not too skinny! I love that I can have tamales year round without having to break a sweat steaming them in my kitchen during the summertime. The location at Culebra is very clean and everyone that helped me was friendly. I walked in only wanting a dozen but I ended up staying and eating at the restaurant too. Don't just stop by and pick them up next time you go... stay and eat at the restaurant!

  • Horrible Tamales
    by  on 03/21/2010

    I will never again buy tamales at Delicious Tamales. These are the worst tamales I have ever tasted. I wish I would have read the reviews before I bought them, but I didn't. I bought some chicken tamales, although it didn't look or taste like chicken. The tamales were small, had no taste, were not appetizing, looked like dog food, and to top it off we did not get any salsa to give it some kind of flavor. It should be ilegal to sell food like this, and I wish there was a better way to inform the public. How do you call yourself ""Best Tamales in San Antonio"" selling this crap. What a bunch of rip offs.

  • worst tamales ever!!!
    by  on 03/18/2010

    i bought 4 dozen tamales to share with friends coming from out of town. the tamales were so bad that I ended up apologizing to my friends and throwing away 2 dozen tamales. the tamales had a meat filling of grease balls or bits, cartilage, bones bits, and hardly any meat. it was disgusting!!! I will never buy tamales from that place ever again, and i caution everyone else about buying tamales there. just look at the other reviews for this Delicious Tamale Factory chain and you will see for yourself. the Owner should be ashamed for selling this tamale crap that I would not even feed to my worst enemy.


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