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CommuniCare Health Centers

3066 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78220
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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(210) 233-7000★ Review


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  • CommuniCare Health Centers is ...
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 7/11/2012

    CommuniCare Health Centers is a breath of fresh air! Now that fewer physicians are accepting Medicaid patients I have found it extremely difficult to see a doctor for myself and my children. CommuniCare's east side location (E. Commerce) was not at all was I was anticipating it to be. The first thing I noticed as I drove into the parking lot was how clean it was. The staff greeted me as we walked in and the best part was that I was able to see an OBGYN and dentist on the same day. While I was at my appointments my husband got a check up and my children were able to see a Pediatric doctor and dentist. Talk about convenient! The experience far exceeded my expectations!

  • I recently went to my first ap...
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 6/1/2011

    I recently went to my first appointment at Communicare on E.Commerce, and had a positive experience! Their medical and general staff are generous and made me feel very comfortable, and I felt like I was getting the high quality care I needed. And what's even better is they will see those who are uninsured or on medicaid/ medicare. In addition, I am very impressed with the facility. The staff has done a great job, keeping their center nice, clean, and upscale looking. Definitely not your average community health center. I will definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family.

  • Beautiful facility, very nice ...
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 6/1/2011

    Beautiful facility, very nice & friendly staff! I am just out of college and can not afford to have health insurance. This place was fantatastic and was very affordable! I would definitely recommend this place, even if I get insurance, I will still return here.

  • Poor first impression on Community Behavioral Health Services
    Posted: 1/13/2009

    In an effort to refer a patient for Behavioral Health outpatient services in a community seting, this organization failed to meet expectations on a couple of ways. First the receptionist at Frank Bryant Center did not know the direct phone number to Behavioral Health at the Barclay Center. That gives a negligent impression for behavioral health patient needs. Second, criteria for services is too narrow for community families in the west side area. It is very important to be aware, how limited but necessary spanish speaking counseling services are in that area. Major Depression Disorders are very common in the spanish speaking families which need to be addressed professionally. It is very disappointing, very different from when Dr. Octavio Martinez was there.

  • Excellent
    Updated: 6/11/2015Posted: 12/10/2008

    Though it is a long wait until you can get in the center helps those who are not insured and make a way to keep the community healthy!


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