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Coco Beach

12159 Valliant St, San Antonio, TX 78216
Open Now
2:00 pm - 2:00 am
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Added on 02/01/2016


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  • Friendly atmosphere and great drink prices
    Updated: 11 days ago

    Coco Beach is a great place to dive in for a drink. The patrons are mostly locals and frequent visitors, which makes the bar feel very cozy and relaxed. The drink prices are nice and allow you to get a good buzz without breaking the bank. Bartenders are very nice, sexy and make it a point to chat with everyone. There are plenty of TV's and a jukebox that will play anything you want. The music usually ranges from Rap to Rock to Country, but anything goes. Overall Coco Beach is good place to unwind.

  • Coco Beach
    Updated: 11 days ago

    We were invited to meet friends there on a thursday night. It turned out to be a terrible mistake.\r First, the bartenders are extremely rude, and I'm almost positive that one of them was a guy in drag.\r The place reeks of urine, vomit, and stale booze that has soaked into the filthy carpet.\r Most of the patrons were construction types, and everyone in the bar was ridiculously drunk. \r My boyfriend's car was broken into in the parking lot, and my credit card was overcharged by $100. I called the manager and she was so obviously stoned; she just laughed and hung up. \r I won't even get into seeing the bartenders selling drugs over the bar.\r This place is a dump!


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