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Broadway 50 50

5050 Broadway St, Alamo Heights, TX 78209
American, Mexican, Irish
Closed Now
11:00 am - 2:00 am
11:00 am - 2:00 am
(210) 832-0050Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Mon - Sun
11:00 am - 2:00 am

General Info

Broadway 5050 is a restaurant that offers a range of food items and beverages. The restaurant provides burgers, fried mushrooms, chicken wings and fajita nachos. It offers cheese fries, potato chips, garlic mashed potatoes, onion rings and green beans. Broadway 5050 provides sandwiches and house, Caesar and grilled chicken salads with blue cheese and buttermilk ranch dressings. The restaurant offers ice cream, brownies and chicken tenders. It additionally organizes live music performances. It serves a variety of beverages, such as coffee, lemonade, ice tea, shakes and soft drinks Broadway 5050 provides tater tots, mushrooms, french fries and chicken-fried steaks.

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  • Collonade 5050, food & Music
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 1/20/2011

    Love this bar and the music is okay. Service is good, not too bad considering it can get crowded on Friday nights. I love love love the band AUDIOMOUTH that plays there, just not sure how often they are there but see them at Sherlocks and other clubs often. All in all, I would give this place a 4 if they would only knock down that glass area around the bar. The bar area is nice but the live music gets drowned out in there and cannot hear anything. Great location though. :)

  • Best Little Bar in San Antonio
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 9/4/2010

    I have been going to the Broadway 5050 for the past 2yrs. I am getting my Master's in Business Administration at UIW. I have the best time I go into the 5050. Everyone welcomes you, the beer is ice cold, and the burgers fantastic. The decor is what I would call eclectic. It provides warmth and an overall good feeling. Even the General Manager, I believe he goes by Diamond Dan, personally greets everyone while serving them their food and drink. I recommend the 5050 to everyone. Steven Seals

  • best burgers and beer
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/10/2009

    My girl friends and I love the5050. We go every chance we get. If you ant to feel welcomed and at home, this is the place to be! Rock on 5050!

  • best burgers and drinks in town
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 12/10/2009

    This place totally rocks. Great food, ice cold beer, and great service. The bands are great and no cover charge! I will definitely do back again and again!

  • Fantastic burgers!!!
    Posted: 8/6/2009

    I really don't understand all the negative hoopla about this place. They are totally wrong!!! the burgers are awesome! named after characters in Quentin Taratino movies is classic. Try the Big Kahuna burger. "That is one tasty burger!" Don't let these other blowhards sway you away from this place. There idea of a good burger is probably McDonalds. Try the Mr. Pink with your order. You will not be disappointed. Just tell 'em Lee-man sent ya.

  • The burgers aren't the only cheesy things here.‎
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 11/4/2008

    Growing up in the area, I remember the 50-50 as a classic neighborhood bar. Good for a drink after work and a fun joint later in the night. Unfortunately, the place has taken a turn for kitch in recent years. A Tarantino theme is shaky in concept, and the execution here is so poor it evokes constant douche-chills until the patron internalizes and accepts the dull stupidity of the decor. Putting up a few QT movie posters and filling in the rest with sock-hop dance decorations doesn't create and atmosphere; it just makes the customer feel puerile for even being there. \r \r On the beer: I tend to judge a bar by how well their draft beer is maintained, and 50's fails miserably. Recently, a pint of Shiner Black I had had the skunky taste of dirty lines. I pointed this out to the bartender who dismissively told me it's the distributor's job to clean the lines. And, he didn't even offer me a different pint. \r \r On the food: The burgers are actually very decent eating once you get past their Pulp Fiction-(un)inspired names.\r \r On the service: The waitresses are generally in the too-cute-to-hate category, so their defects in service often go unrebuked. They're not bad so much as slow and casually unprofessional, but that's pretty much what you expect at a bar of this caliber. The bartenders, at least the ones I've encountered, are aloof dullards who seem reluctant to pour a pint for fear that the act may confirm the lowly nature of their station in life. \r \r On the music: The quality of the performers is variable, but the real problem is that 50's is just too small a venue for how loud most of the acts are. Bear in mind, however, that I'm the type of bar-goer who likes to converse with my drinking companions without doing that aggravating high-volume yell-talk thing. If you value the art of D-list musicians over communication with others, this concern won't apply to you. \r \r It's really a shame to see what's become of a once great neighborhood bar. Cheers!

  • Tradition Reborn
    Posted: 10/27/2008

    Okay, so it feels a little different. Times have changed and so has the 50-50! Just as good; great food and vitality. Wonderful sports screens and fair pricing. What more could you want?

  • Terrible
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 9/25/2008

    Although the atmosphere seemed good for a bar, the food and the service (as another posting states) totally sucked. The hamburger, there supposed specialty, was awful. Had to wait 10 minutes just to get condoments after the food was delivered, and the waitress acted irritated that we asked. They list drink specials but we were informed by our rude waitress that it was only for college students although none of their advertisments said so. We will never go back. Totally sucked!

  • classic.
    Posted: 1/21/2008

    good ol' greasy food!

  • I am the General Manager of the Broadway 5050, the famous or infamous Diamond Dan. I took over the 5
    Updated: a month agoPosted: 8/28/2007

    We have 3 50 inch LG's hooked up directly to the Bose sound system. We have a huge big screen TV in front and two large screen TV's in the pool room. Live music on Friday and Saturday nights with absolutely no cover charge. NEVER A COVER! If you don't like the band you can leave with out losing a dime. We have been home to great upcoming bands such as Merge, Bliss, Scratch, Harry Wurzbach & The 410's, and Prototype Rocks. Our food has been rated number 5 in San Antonio by MSN( Hell, I thought we were a Bar and Grill). Our prices in food and liquor, beer, and wine are the lowest in Alamo Heights. I am getting the extended Sports Package with our friends at Time Warner, so that when it rains, we will still have a picture. Ever seen a Dish System last in a storm? Pint Nite on Tuesday totally rocks with the purchase of a 5050 mug and then get $1.50 domestic and $2.50 import draft beer every Tuesday nite from 7pm to 2am.\r \r Just try us out! \r \r Diamond Dan

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