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Animal Hospital of Westover Hills

9919 Westover Bluff, San Antonio, TX 78251
Closed Now
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
(210) 585-2457Directions★ Review
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Regular Hours
Mon - Fri
7:00 am - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Extra Phones

Fax: (210) 684-8720

General Info

*Complete Veterinary Hospital Including Grooming and Kennels; Lang:English, Spanish

Payment Methods



One Block West of Potranco Rd. and Ellison Dr.


*Please Visit Our Web Site for More Information Previously Know As Sharpcare Animal Hospital BRAND *Heart Guard *Front Line *Pro Heart *Wer Heart *Hill's Science Diet


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    I have know Brian Sharp for years and when my Rottweiler puppy was injured, he performed "miracle surgery" on her face and jaw. It was broken in 3 places. ... He took the time to show me the breaks and explain the procedure, and he even said "We can't be sure how it will turn out." In short, even with a small piece of her jawbone missing, she is fine and healthy and it is ALL due to Dr. Sharps expertise and caring.

  • Don't use Dr Sharp
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    We used Dr Sharp for too many yrs to count. I got too comfortable with his diagnosis. He looked at my 11yr old dogs tumor on his face and said, "It's a non cancerous tumor, you don't have to worry about it." So I didn't. Now, almost a yr later my dog is at another vets office having an aggressive cancer being removed from his face. Dr Sharp just lost the service of all 6 of our pets!!

  • 07/19/2013

    dont take your animal to this hospital!!!!!!!! i took my dog in i knew she was ill and suffering, she was vomiting blood and had blood in her stool, not eating, not drinking, and you could see she was in pain. I was ready to put her down to stop the suffering i asked him direct do i need to put her down, but was told by the vet it was not necessary, I left my dog and paid the 350.00 only to take home my dog in no better condition as when i left her to start with. I was told to take her home and continue the meds and she should be ok. that was on a tuesday, she died in my arms Thursday. I followed the drs orders to the T and even called and spoke to him asking if i could use the syringe to feed her he said yes. i told him she still had blood in her stool he said. shes not going to get better over night it just like a cut to you it takes time to heal. But she was not getting better she was now crying in pain, having siezures, still throwing up and pooping blood. I feel like i was ripped off. May be I should have been more direct and asked him what chance does she have 50/50 60/40 20/80 to make it. Instead i got 2 more days to watch her suffer and I felt useless and my son paid the vet bill and now wants to stop payment due to the lack of attention and care my dog was given.

  • We have used Dr. Sharp for our...

    We have used Dr. Sharp for our dog's and cat's medical needs for years now. We are very satisfied with the service of his veterinary technicians, and Dr. Sharp's extensive knowledge as a veterinarian. His clinic is very clean too. Dr. Sharp has always been very open to suggesting a wide range of treatments according to our needs and budget. When we stop into the clinic to purchase Heartworm preventative or Flea control products, he will come up front to kindly greet us. Overall, we are very pleased with Animal Hospital of Westover Hills and will continue to bring our pet's to this clinic.

  • Won't go back

    New to the area, having been military we're used to looking for new vets. Guess we've always been lucky. Until now. Found the doctor not as warm and friendly to my pets as others have been, didn't 'talk' to them to get them familiar with him and certainly did nothing to make me feel comfortable having my pets in his care. Acted irritated if I asked him to repeat information he had already shared. The final straw was our last visit with one pet who had allergies. He prescribed a med and told me it had to be ordered. I checked out to the tune of $100+ and when I asked why so high, the lady said ""it's for the visit and the meds, they are $100, we'll call you when they come in."" Went to pick them up and got charged another $110. Asked for a refund, had never been told how expensive OR that the first $100 was a ""deposit"". The receptionist initially started to process it and then went to see the doctor. She came back saying ""we don't refund these, they're special ordered."" The doctor wouldn't even come out and talk to me, he kept sending his receptionist out to tell me things. Pulled my dogs records and will find another vet immediately.

  • My dog almost died because of this place!

    I had a dog that lived to be 16 years old that our family took to Sharpcare back when they were located on Ingram Rd. There was no other option on where to take my new English Bull-Terrier when I got him.. This last summer my dog (1 year old at the time) was not acting himself. He lost a noticeable amount of weight within a few days, seemed lethargic and was not his usual self. I took him to Dr. Sharp and told him that I was extremely concerned that something was wrong with him. I told Dr. Sharp the same symptoms. Dr. Sharp sent me away after charging me a tune of $150 saying that he was okay. A couple of days later I had to admit my dog to emergency medical clinic because my dog was on the verge of death. I told the ER the symptoms and they immediately ran the parvo test. Indeed my dog did have parvo. After 3 days in the ER he was able to pull through after I was charged a tune of $1400.00. \r I am writing this long review not because I had to pay $1400, because I love my dog so much I would pay an unlimited amount of money to keep him alive. I did because I felt Dr. Sharp did not take my concern seriously. All of the symptoms I told him were screaming PARVO. At the time I didn't know it, but he should have at least ran the test. A VET SHOULD know what parvo is especially since this is part of the country is inundated with parvo cases, most of which are deadly! Unfortunately most people can not pay $1400 for ER treatment and would have had to watch their dog die a painful death from dehydration due to having uncontrollable bloody diarrehea. It would have cost me just another $15 at the initial exam if Dr. Sharp would have just run the test.\r I wrote a letter to Dr. Sharp telling him about what happenned. Dr. Sharp refused to refund me my $150.00 and settled at $25. What a concession from a man that made a mistake that my dog almost died from!!Don't let this man gamble with your animals life!

  • Awsome Staff and Gentle Dr.Sharp

    I have been with Dr. Sharp for 6 years. Dr. Sharp and all his wonderful staff have always treated me like family. They are clean, kind, and I would never leave them.


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